5 Unbelievable Overwatch Conspiracy Theories

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  1. or the overwatch game is a simulation meant to improve the tactical abilities of the overwatch team. Also, if anyone has seen the movie War Games it may be an omnic simulation, attempting to find a way to win the war against the humans

  2. Hey listen Alejandra couldn't be sombre in her life it says that she was orphaned after the crisis and since solider has his tactical visor overwatch has already fallen and Alejandra has a mom in the short and during the uprising event it sad on her los meurtos skin that they info from her but in the short she is afraid of the Los meurtos gang so yeah

  3. 1st ana was 2nd in command so of course he knew her and then if you don't know where Brazil is you might need a map or geography class

  4. Yeah but theres dialogue with phara and 76 where he says something about her mom and she says "well you didnt know my mother that well then". Goes something like that

  5. They had a close relationship in battle ana was second in command and soldier 76 is Commander of over watch that y they know each other really good

  6. a lot of people who do good also do evil in the name of science. And athena is just the A.I that Winston uploaded to all of the HUDs of the overwatch agents.

  7. no I think mercy desnt age cuz like wolverine he self heals and doesn't age and mercy self heals and doesn't age see where I'm going from here !!

  8. The reason why reaper hates Mercy it because she supposedly either was the sergeant who botched his surgery or developed the nano-technology ( basically her healing on the cellular level ) that has malfunctioned and now kills him just as fast as it heals him.

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