5 Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Relationship Conspiracy Theories

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  1. Stop It!   Just piling on like everyone else. You have no idea what you're talking about.  She introduces EVERY new guy to the press -both of them  out front in public.  That way the paps (who she's always trying to thwart) won't  think they can get a money  shot of them  sneaking around.   Don't forget Calvin Dumped his beautiful model girl friend of 7 months  AFTER being with Taylor only 2 times!   Remember His public introduction in Nashville and then that pap mob scene at LA Haim concert?

  2. I believe the fifth conspiracy theory. After all, Taylor Swift knew that she was getting exposed and after she was exposed, there were less articles and photos of the "couple".

  3. I love Taylor Swift, but I hate that she is everywhere in the media. People are sick and tired of hearing about her and she gets so much hate which she doesn't deserve. I know that she isn't perfect and I don't think that all her decisions are right but she is just a human just like everyone else.

  4. Harris is not feminist because his various songs among women he uses in his song video are not goods one or She is just a kid finding love

  5. Why is is hard to believe that maybe they grew apart and she met Tom and made her happy? Makes sense if they were already growing apart and a nice guy came along. idk i think the theories are going way to deep. I think its much simpler.

  6. Do people seriously have that much time on their hands to sit and make up stupid theories about why two people are dating?
    No one knows anything for certain, no one knows the facts. The only thing people know are that Calvin and Taylor broke up (we don't know when) and that Taylor and Tom are now together.

  7. That comment about Taylor needing a boob job was disgusting. Nobody needs to be told that they need to change their body to feel sexy – it's 2016, jeez shouldn't everyone know this by now??

  8. Taylor doesn't need a boob job. she's a really pretty girl. she may not be liked by everyone but u can't deny she's pretty. I actually have a chest and let me tell u I wish they were smaller cuz big boobs are annoying -.-

  9. Hiddleston is just living every fan boy's dream while she's trolling for a movie contract. If she can't act or directors don't want to put up with her pop star diva attitude watch how fast she dumps him and writes a song making him the villain and her the victim.

  10. If you analyze the lyrics to 'Wildest dreams' it says: 'He's so tall and handsome as hell'- Tom is both of those things and it also says 'He's so bad but he does it so well' which might be referencing Loki because Loki is meant to be a villain but Tom's portrayal of Loki is amazing. I know this probably means nothing but it's just a thought, don't take it seriously.

  11. Ever think maybe there isn't some diabolical plot behind Taylor Swift's every action Clevver? Maybe they just really like each other and want to be together. Is that really so hard to believe? Taylor has a pattern; it is not unusual for her to fall in deep this fast.
    Besides, her usual routine might not happen this year. Look at your sources. She's said she has no idea what's going to happen next, that she's always writing songs but she doesn't know what's coming after 1989. So we might have to wait another year, as I hope not.

  12. I literally hate Taylor swift so much. I wouldn't put it past her if it was just a publicity stunt. She's a shady lunatic who is power hungry.

  13. Conspiracy theory #7: Tom Hiddleston is gay and Taylor Swift is asexual. The coupling was arranged by Tom's PR manager, Luke Windsor, who he is ACTUALLY dating. Hear me out. So, Taylor being asexual: Harry Styles has gone on record as saying one of the reasons why he and Taylor broke up was because she wasn't very sexual, that she hated having sex. Now, part two: Tom's gay and dating Luke Windsor. If you look at any photos of these two on a red carpet together, or of Luke as Tom's date to an event, the chemistry is obvious. They never blatantly cross any lines into being really unprofessional together, but it is pretty clear their relationship is more than PR manager and client. My theory is that Tom fears coming out and knee-capping himself from being able to get leading man roles and Luke is afraid of losing his job because of dating a client (he also works for other high-profile celebrities like Emma Watson so losing his career would be pretty devastating) so the two agree to uphold the charade of Tom being heterosexual even though Luke is openly gay. Luke likely arranged the coupling in the old Hollywood tradition of putting an actress, known as a "beard" (usually a lesbian, but if Taylor is asexual, this would work, too, to make it look like that isn't true) with a gay actor to drive away rumors of their non-heterosexual sexuality.

  14. After Calvin Harris (they both despised each other by the way) she needed another stunt buddy to hide her relationship with Karlie Kloss.

  15. I think in Tom's eyes it was real but Taylor was smarting over the ending of her bf before Tom. What's his name? Anyway I will always be said because I think he was perfect for her and she had had a lot of bad relationships. Yes she wrote some good music but when you have a good relationship you can do that too.

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