This is my first ever conspiracy theories video dedicated to Taylor Swift even tho she lowkey might get this taken down LOL. Although I did cite most of these …




  1. idec to find out whether any of these are real i mean some prolly are but the way she treats herself and hides everything is really impressive if u ask me

  2. Lol the original demo which was played to Taylor was leaked and it revealed different lyrics, Taylor was right the whole time. Taylor doesn't play the victim, have you heard "Back to December? " She apologises, so how come? Taylor was actually bullied in highschool. After she sang the national anthem when she was 12, her friends rejected her. Imagine you singing the national anthem to a full stadium and your name goes up in the news, next day at school is probably your worst nightmare, that's what she went through. People make this up because they are jealous of her success. Taylor herself still says " It's really crazy that I got my parents to come with me to Nashville, I begged for "ONE YEAR". So stop with this bullshit already, If I was an artist I would be very clever about business too but she never solely stuck to money, she donates millions almost all the time. She has helped her fans through her music, me being one of them, I grew up with her music, there is no secret story behind her. Remember in that interview with the BBC Radio she says " I'm so lucky I get to manage myself , my career and my music and I'm glad I never got to be apart of what was happening ' behind the scenes'.??????. Stop. Please.

  3. A pop star might have parents that were overly-involved in her career, and might exhibit a persona that isn't accurate…Lol
    These aren't really conspiracy theories.

  4. I never bought that innocent girl play what Taylor shows. I believe she is a mean girl. I won't go near to listen to her music, nor support a money hungry ass.

  5. Apparently you should've done more research… Kim and Kanye lied about the whole thing. He changed the lyrics after getting her approval on the other ones.

  6. She wrote I know places a long time before she even dated Tom. Also it's not a rumor that Karlie lived with her….. she did they are friends. I mean it's possible they have a secret relationship if you want to think that. I'm all about conspiracy theories and open minds but some of these are just lack of research. Also she says she was bullied in middle school. Have you seen her pictures from middle school? She wasn't the prettiest girl in middle school. She looked awkward.

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