5 Suspicious Deaths Linked With Conspiracies

We often hear reports of strange and mysterious deaths that appear to look like accidents or suicide, but upon closer inspection, show signs that more sinister …




  1. Man found with 17 bullet holes in his back, several cuts to the throat and missing a kidney, we classify this as a suicide.

  2. Fascinating…
    I am enjoying going through your videos, especially since you have a habit of picking less commonly used stories. Many just repeat the same stories over and over, where as you tend to pick the lesser known. Good job!

  3. Here's one for you Gareth Williams was giving information to the K.G.B so the British government sent in "Group 13" to eliminate him.

  4. RIP Karen Silkwood.
    The China Syndrome features a scene that's loosely based on this story. Well known story to chemists and engineers. It's a very scary thing to be an honest and ethical person sometimes.

  5. These are actually the fakest things ive ever seen!! (the murders not the video) These people were obviously murdered and whoever can't see that is just plain retarded. Great video though! Keep up the good work!!

  6. If you ever see somebody with multiple stab wounds, you can safely ignore them as its probably only an accident.

    I saw it on the news so its true, trust me.

  7. 5 sounds like an MI6 cover up.
    3 seems likely to be a case of the plane being shot down and insurance shots used to ensure the target was dead. If the bodyguards bullets had fired due to fire the projectile wouldn't be in the body. The bullet weighs more than the case therefore the case would fly with far more force than the bullet.

  8. It's dumb, how could he lock himself in the bag if the padlock is on the outside? I am sick of the deaths being blamed on erotic bs. I'm glad some people at least see through it all. Seems that often, the higher up somebody is, the more humanity they have given up…

  9. In all truth one death/homicide that should be done is the murder(as I've ALWAYS seen it) of Kurt Cobain by his wife at the time Courtney Love.His death made Unsolved Mysteries

  10. video great background music or sound is disturbing & distracting to when trying to focus on your content

  11. These are some of the most disturbing things I've ever seen. Also, I had no idea that's how Dag Hammarskjold died! Wow, no wonder successive Secretary-Generals of the UN have been so timid and non-intrusive since then.

  12. Maybe him and his sex partner decided to do this and when he got in the bag and all zipped up he/she stole whatever he had and or just reset his phone and left the house lol

  13. for the first one, it's so obvious that MI6 covered up what happened​. I just wonder why it was kept so secretive..

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