5 Scary POPULATION CONTROL Conspiracies

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  1. In all actuality [population/control]
    IS Every|wHere :

    – cigretts
    – SportS
    – Racing
    – all Forms of Rigorous competition
    – automobileS
    – motor|cycleS/atv's
    – trainS/trollieS/SubwayS
    – PlaneS/jetS/cpmmercial|AirlineS
    – SHipS/SubS
    – military/Service
    – police
    – FEMA
    – DHS
    – FBI
    – CIA
    – NSA
    – CDC
    – carnival|RideS
    – Fossil FuleS
    – FactorieS
    – cellular pHoneS /tabletS/computerS
    – televiSion
    – 5G
    – Electricity/power|Grid
    – modern|applianceS
    – plastics
    – cHemical'S/cleaning|products etc. …
    – construction materials/asbestos/led
    – Big PHarma
    – soda-pop
    – candy
    – all junk-food/fast-food etc. ..
    – coffee

    .. EverytHing iS a meanS to
    a slow &/Or QuicK DeatH ..
    .. Every|tHing iS a meanS to Kill ..
    .. Every|tHing iS a DeSigned
    & Implimented Form' of
    Deliberate / INtentional
    ["population control"]

  2. GMO’s are why 3/4 of the world population are no longer starving. It’s biggest travesty is the obesity epidemic.

    There are population control countries out there but we are not one of them. St least not anymore. We did act in eugenics over half a century ago but that has stopped.

    If we were, medicaid wouldn’t be so easily accessible. Food stamps, housing, income taxes, etc. pregnant women wouldn’t be offered wic, an increase food stamps amount, free Dr visits and so on.
    Abortion would be mandatory for non-fit mothers like crack heads or prostitutes.
    Men with large amounts of unpaid child support for more than 1 child would be “fixed”. Same with women, tube tying would be mandatory for families living off of the government and tax payers. There aren’t limits on children. You can pop out 7 kids, be a shitty parent and still get government aid.
    Birth control would be mandatory. And quite frankly it should after 1 child for people who live off the government. Sadly it’s not, and it’s tax payers who pay for them. Approx $195,000 for each child for 18 years of their lives on basic services like food stamps and Medicaid. Medical conditions or additional supports like housing, utilities, social security, etc is far more.

    If they wanted to control the population, and I think they should in many circumstances, you’d know.

    Because a crackhead like my mother wouldn’t be able to pop out kid after kid, born addicted to some drug or another, for others to raise and the government to pay for.
    Dead beat dads wouldn’t have 5 kids with 4 different women and pay for none of them, raise none of them.

    If we were sterilized through products, and shit then people wouldn’t have 7 kids at the lowest class of the country. My mother had a ton of kids and she had 1 ovary. I got pregnant on birth control so obviously they’re not doing it right if they’re doing it.

    Go to Walmart and just watch around the 7-14th day of the month. And just watch.
    If there was population control, you wouldn’t see a hundred people with 2 baskets full of stuff using a food stamp card with $900 on it for their 5 children they barely raise.
    Walmart cashier was my first job and it got to my head seeing the shit I saw. Kids with no socks or shoes but their momma has a new purse, expensive hair, and nails on point while tax payers pay for their food because god knows they wouldn’t feed their own children if they had to. They’d be on birth control if they had to.
    No not everyone. I grew up on the system and I used it for my first child. But it’s far more than not and it’s hard to watch. If we had control, we wouldn’t have so much neglect and abuse.
    I’d be dead without the system, so I’m not knocking it, I’m explaining how population control doesn’t seem to exist if this shit goes on from the bottom classes.

    If anything, we lack population control.

    There was a time not too long ago where 1/4 of children would die in childhood for things we no longer fear like TB or starvation. If they wanted to control it, it wouldn’t be so high.

    Watch Maury and talk about population control. Lmao.
    There’s conspiracy and then there’s blatant stupidity preached of selective ignorance.

  3. If you want to keep the population "IN CHECK" sterilize ALL illegal aliens when caught. In all countries! It is SO simple, yet no politician has the balls to institute such a policy. They come to propagate future progeny. Kill the problem at the source! Problem solved.

  4. I minimize my exposure to fluoride and have never broken a bone and have been in some very severe accidents. and fluoride was used in Jewish ghettos to make them more dosile and easy to control

  5. a globalized government makes sense when you think in terms of interplanetary travel and operation. the problem is the people who want to be in charge are amoral psychopaths. the problem is it will be corrupted. there needs to be some aspect of it that disallows such a state to exist unopposed.

  6. I’m not buying the GMO argument. Maybe someone can explain it to me, but I believe that GMOs are a necessity and a positive direction for the scientific community.

  7. EO13603 is definitely in play now. The whole system is rigged and an illusion. Megadeath is coming to a town near you. Wake up America, the dream is over.

  8. These people do not read their bibles … God put everything here for us, and wanted us to be fruitful and multiply. These people working for the devil

  9. Things that are considered "healthy" are always expensive. It's a conspiracy that the wealthy want to keep the blue collar people unhealthy as to make them all die out eventually. If you don't believe me, just compare foods and look at how much it is to go to a gym. BTW, scientists are already trying to make "designer babies" through selecting DNA. The FDA and big pharma makes sure to make people who believe in natural medicines look like idiots and say that they don't work. They refuse to look into any of the claims.

  10. I have an idea for population control. at first, get rid of all the people who do major crimes, and see how things go from there. if the population isn't fixed by then, just sterilize the babies when they're born. sure, it might sound a bit cruel, but we need to control our population or otherwise we'll entirely deplete our resources.

  11. Interesting no mention of the most prolific supporter of eugenics in history. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood. Her plans of eugenics have now been responsible for the deaths 10s of millions and has wiped out half the black population. If not for Sanger, black ppl would now be 34% of the population instead of 14%.

  12. The first one is constitutional illegal anyway. I'm wondering why those checks and balances set in place are not being implimented. We the people are one of those checks and balances. I always hear crickets now though in matters of our actual freedom.

  13. Sorry to repeat myself, peeps, but really. Too many of us are obese, take drugs, sit on our asses all day and night, watch tv for hours, drink to much alcohol, eat unhealthy food, stress out and have high blood pressure. All things we can control. But the gov or elites are trying to kill you??

  14. 10:20 – Barack Obama also signed a bill allowing GMO ingredients to be UNLABELED. This contradicted his original campaign promise, where he said he believe all GMO products needed to be labeled at least, and research was needed to see if they are truly safe. This is a really great video!

  15. Can we all put our differences and views aside and agree to give a big fuck you to these bastard, elite, globalists!! 1% controls everything.

  16. My personal opinion is..(think about it) Homosexuality is natures own form of population control. However there are those with Neanderthal brains that have to think so negative and ugly that its to this day stigmatized and brutalized. Think about it!

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