5 Real Secret Societies That Control The World

Conspiracy theories can get annoying, especially when the same 13 year old spams Illuminati jokes in the comments section over and over. And yes some …




  1. I got a conspiracy for you all. The grass in your backyard is actually one big parasite that demands that it be trimmed every once in awhile or else it will overrun your land and force you to leave.

  2. yes capitalistic ANARCHY FUCKS us all i have 3 easy questions
    1 Why does money rules this world ?
    2 all states owe money TO MOTHERFUCKER WHOM ? the rich ones ? and who owns us the World Bank ?
    3 there is not 1 foreighner on this planet FY free devils mason money TAKERS ! give us our books back MF liars

    4th and unofficiAL fuck THE money LEECH THERE IS NO SECRET about money FUCK them ALL

  3. I commend the Producer of this video for the critical and very important comment during the introduction,the point that the immature posts and comments of the "13 yr old"/youths lend to discredit the more evidential and serious influences of groups for their potential goals of control, manipulation, and financial growth of particular individuals and their self interests. Not to mention the serious costs of human life and suffering resulting from their tragic actions.

    I encourage those whom read my comment to address this relevant interference with those whom do this – and encourage parents to monitor the activities of their children (the most obvious cause of this hindrance).

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