5 Most DISTURBING Google Conspiracies

Google is a pioneer in the technology and data realm, but according to some google conspiracies it is also a power hungry organization bent on world …




  1. No, I think Google is great influential company trying to improve the world through technology. Google's CEOS seem like very nice and down to earth people who just want to help people while making some money. Google has donated to many charities and schools in other less fortunate countries. These conspiracies are entertaining but really bazaire because they are not ture other than maybe the location one.

  2. This is why Adrenaline Entertainment Studios (AES) must become a company. When it is founded in 2026, our goal will be to end google's reign of terror.

  3. good video, but i just googled "google conspiracies" and it came up with 23,900,000 results…so…i gotta debunk that small part.

  4. Once I asked Google "Are you working for the CIA or government" and she said "I am not allowed to share that with you Ask another question…" I was laughing because Google is really bored. Thinking that you can control my taughts with search result won't work. Negative. Regroup and try again…

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