5 Mind Blowing Mysteries, Myths & Conspiracies Surrounding the RMS Titanic Sinking

From the handful of premonitions that the Titanic was going to sink, to the theory that the Titanic was, in fact, the Olympic… Here are five unanswered questions, …




  1. Just FYI – William Stead's last name is pronounced with a short 'e', like "Steady" or "Instead". How do I know? Family tradition is that he was my great-great uncle 🙂 He was also probably responsible for the rumour of their being a cursed mummy aboard the ship.

  2. did you know that Milton Hershey was going to board the RMS Titanic but then he was told that he needed to get home

  3. Love your video! I love how much work you put into them and you really did a good job with this one.
    I'd like to add to why I don't think the theory about the switching is true. There were more differences between Titanic and Olympic that definitely couldn't have been changed over such a short period of time. Thomas Andrews, Titanic's architect, designed a French sidewalk café on the Titanic that was not on the Olympic. Titanic also had many other modifications and improvements that were made due to some experiences with Olympic, like the B deck promenade that was enclosed on Titanic because according to Ismay it was useless because passengers weren't using it as much on Olympic and the front of A deck promenade that was also enclosed on Titanic so passengers would be protected from the outside elements whilst on the Olympic it was opened. Due to all the changes, Titanic was much heavier than Olympic, winning her the title of the largest ocean liner in the world.

  4. So my question is this:
    If it was a name swap, then didn't the real "titanic" still sink?

    Think about it — say you are in the U.S. navy and you serve on the USS ENTERPRISE halfway in you 2 years of service the ENTERPRISE is given the name USS Jimmy Carter (after the president) and a new USS ENTERPRISE is launched (but she was going to be called Jimmy Carter). Then the Jimmy Carter sinks — so was it the ENTERPRISE or the Jimmy Carter that sunk, does it matter what the old name was if it was changed by the owners (or military).

    I hope my example makes sense, I wrote this right when I woke up 😁

  5. William Murdoch's family apparently took Cameron to court on the part of him shooting others and then himself, Cameron found this out to be totally untrue and apologised to his family as they found out from his family that he did no such thing as one of the people survivors spoke about was Murdoch himself, they all said what a true gentleman and hero he was and went down with the ship.

  6. God will warn people of up and coming disasters, one is to advise people not to travel, even tell the owners of the ship not to sail, then after all else fails to pray that those souls on board will accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, that at least they would be in a better place after death. The lesson of the Titanic is to listen and more importantly to yield to that voice and not overide it.

  7. There was an Author named Morgan Robertson who had a dream about an eagerly anticipated new ocean liner sinking in the Atlantic on her maiden voyage, which he named Titan, and the book was called The Wreck of the Titan, which was renamed Futility. Spooky thing is, the book was published in 1898, fourteen years before Titanic, and after Titanic' s sinking, the book was re-issued with changes, including the tonnage, to make it appear different.

  8. All i heard was that there was a fire on the titanic in the boiler room and weaken the hull due to the extreme heat, and then when she hit the iceburg, it was at the weaken spot and she sank im nearly sure there was more to it than a fire. but there where loads unlucky things that happened to her that lead to the sinking, to be fair because of the sinking of the boat they added more life boats and other stuff for safety of passangers and crew.

  9. You never mentioned that there was a coal fire that had been burning for for several weeks on the ship and that a lot of the lower deck staff left the ship when it docked in Southampton or that they did the sea trials over an afternoon.And that the official inquiry was very biased investigation i.e if you had money and power your testimony was believed if you were poor or not high ranking employee you were ignored.

  10. The name Top5s is unfortunate. I skipped right past it expecting just another trite and irritating countdown channel. Lost in their garbage.

  11. I read something years ago that Titanic set sail with a fire blazing below — one that had proved impossible to put out — which possibly weakened the steel of the hull with the overwhelming heat. Have you bumped into such a story in your research?

  12. Stop speculating. This is the whole TRUE story:

    1. Olympic and Titanic were switched. (It's true becase the video is on Youtube).
    2. In 1935 Titanic was switched with Aquitania after WSL and Cunard merged. They were almost identical so it was an easy job. Again it took just a weekend.
        This means that the ship that got scrapped  was actually the Aquitania, not Olympic or Titanic.
    3. In 1950 the Titanic was again switched with the second Mauretania (1939).
         This was a little smaller ship so they had to shrink Titanic a little, but the job was still done in 2 weeks.
         Titanic sailed under the name Mauretania until 1965, when she was laid up.
    4. The ship that got scrapped in 1965 as Mauretania was actually a dummy, not a real ship.
         What actually happened was that they carefully demounted Titanic in secret and started to use the parts to rebuild this ship under the name Queen Elizabeth 2.
         That means that the ship that is going to open as a floating hotel in Dubai soon is actually the TITANIC!
    HURRAY !

  13. MEH!!!! I think these theories are fake and although there is good evidence, it still doesn't make me change my mind for as conspiracy theories such as the switch theory, the coal fire theory, or any stories of Titanic being sunk deliberately or through criminal negligence just sound false when you view the 'evidence against it'.These theories have been debunked and proven wrong many times. Even though I'm saying that the theories are wrong, I still mean it by preference as my comment is just meant to tell you about what I think about it.

    For information disproving the Coal Fire Theory: http://wormstedt.com/Titanic/TITANIC-FIRE-AND-ICE-Article.pdf

    For information disproving the Switch Theory: http://www.williammurdoch.net/articles_34_Titanic_switch_theory_02.html

    For information disproving the Weak Steel / Rivets Theory: http://marconigraph.com/titanic/rivets/rivets1.html

    (The other two theories are just to show you what I also think about the other theories people think are true.)

  14. the titanic was sunk most of all to kill some important people on-board who were stopping the federal reserve from getting started

  15. IRONY= The act of diving two miles down to the sea floor to recover a boby that was already dead to begin with while leaving behind all subsequent remains of victims who actually died in the tragedy. I have to call bs on that one.

  16. The people who thought something would happen could be due to there being 2000 people so it’s likely a few might claim that, and trauma altering memories along with people on ships that don’t sink not saying they thought it would sink after it doesn’t

  17. Was that the British inquiry or the American one? Cause the British one went impossibly easy on white star, letting them basically completely off the hook. The American one on the other hand, listened to more sources from the titanic and condemned the fuck outta them (particularly in the context of the fact that the ship seemed to have been on fire before it even left Belfast). Ismay's first act when aground was also to contact the company (which is fair enough) to say that all the firefighter which had been on board to fight said fire had all died (which is not, considering that at least one had survived.) and couldn't tell anyone about the fire. I believe he was riddled with guilt, but that just proves he had a soul, not that he wasn't a businessman first

  18. there was a fire in the engine room so they had to shovel the coal into the furnace fast to control the fire thats why it was going full speed through the iceburgs they couldn't slow down because they only had just enough fuel for the trip

  19. Because, as Doctor Who says, the Titanic is a "fixed point in time". Premonitions would resonate from it. There's my contribution to the woo-woo for today.

  20. i always had a weird idea that radio waves/signals help guide the human mind into being more suseptable to predicting the future, i guess a lot more people listened to the radio back then i wonder if the same thing happened now would there still be a large amount of people that got that bad feeling? or would it be considerably lower? i think the human mind can be trained with various tecnichs to levels never reached before but hey what do i know im just a boring shut in

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