5 Insane Conspiracy Theories About The Biggest Movie Franchises

These crazy theories could completely ruin some of the most popular movie franchises! Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6 There’s a good reason …




  1. Stop asking people to like and subscribe before they even see the video. like how the f**k am i supposed to know whether i like the video yet if i haven't even seen it? put your like/subscribe alert at the end of the video

  2. You think Tony Stark, the smartest man in the MCU, notice I said "Man", not person, needs SOMEONE ELSES TECH to make his suit better ? Tony can make a missile the size of a PEN LIGHT, level an entire city, that's what he's working with upstairs in that brain of his. He does not need to "steal" anything.

  3. DS9 is seriously my least favorite Star Trek franchise. The entire premises of Star Trek is about exploring space & the unknown, and the writers somehow thought that basing an entire series on a mostly stationary SPACE STATION would be a good idea. So, yeah, making it just a weird "dream" of Sisko would actually be a good way of erasing this atrocity.

  4. personally i think the iron man one is dead on i mean if we look at the shots even in this vid we see him using the same kind of sonic weapons from black panther this is already showing us that stark is merging his tech with that of other heros. side note any one remember that gun the villain from ant man had the one that could not shrink people properly but turned them into a tiny pile of goo bets on who thinks that weapon could defeat thanos?

  5. The multiple 007 theory was great. That the name James Bond was attached to every agent that was 007. So when one 007 was either KIA'ed or retired, another agent would assume the name and number. This way when say Robert O'Neill became the next 007 he went under the Bond alias to protect his family. This explains why Bond has been around since the 60s without aging much whereas Q did and saw multiple M's. In fact they actually used that theory for M when they changed actors for Skyfall. Unfortunately Skyfall also disproved the Bond code name theory.

  6. SPOILER ALERT FOR BREAKING BAD (if somehow you havent watched it yet)

    even if you think walk somehow survived the ending of breaking badbreaking bad/home alone theory is easily debunked by one thing: cell phones. they exist in breaking bad but not home alone. if kevins dad was walter white after making his fortune then it would have to happen after the events of breaking bad which has cell phones, cars, and other technology not seen or referenced in home alone. not even sure why i took the time to say this since its a weak theory that it doesnt even need debunking anyway

  7. Iron Man's suit is probably from nano-molecular technology, invented by scientist Helen Cho, from the Age of Ultron movie.

  8. I was hoping the soul stone was inside Tony's mini arc reactor (his chest) the whole time. But than that would be like marvel giving us the middle finger for about 10 years.

  9. After binge watching the pitch meetings, i had hope. But like the last Jedi, this video made sure how shitty screen rant really is

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