1. I hate the branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning. I guess I'm antisemantic. Anyways thanks for the video and ty for NDQ.

  2. If you take all of the words Matt says when the camera focus changes you get "Know really patterns didn't care learn books crazy." Boom!

  3. I was taught number 2 growing up and later realized that I can’t trust the people I’m supposed to and am still kind of pissed about it. Mostly being facetious… mostly…

  4. Dating Myself. Great Intro Matt. "You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead – your next stop, the Twilight Zone!"






  6. While waiting for the monthly Smarter Every Day video, I have been catching up on the No Dumb Questions podcasts. After enjoying about 20 episodes of you and Destin (and occasional guests) I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and take a look at your channel. I will definitely be checking out your other videos and you are now the happy recipient of a subscriber that is someone other than your mom. But seriously, the way you approach this whole subject (religion) is very commendable and approachable. Thank you for not making this an uncomfortable experience filled with judgement and regret.

  7. More than 180 verses of the Bible talk about a Flat and Motionless Earth with a close Sun and close Stars turning above us.
    Can you site only 1 verse who talk about the Big Bang, Evolution, a flying Globe in the infinit Univers ????

    I'm waiting sir !

    For all Christians who still have a brain, research Flat Earth, God's world !

  8. A gentleman the other day told me that in Gen 1 where it says the spirit hovered over the face of the deep, that it was an actual face not a surface. lol I told him don't be to litteral.

  9. Might want to double check the translation you are using. Words matter. Or at least that's what I thought we all were at this channel for.
    KJV says "only begotten son" and other translations will say "one and only son".
    Grammatically, those are two entirely different things. One is saying that Jesus is God's only son (meaning there are no others), and the other is saying that Jesus was begotten of God but also has other children: namely, us; aka, Christians.

    See how the lack of one word can change the entire meaning of a verse?

  10. The biggest conspiracy of all is that the bible was actually written in the early 1800s, in Utah of all places, and it was done by German/Dutch evangelists to back up the Christian theology, which in it's entirety was based on several other small texts from between 150-300AD. Up until around 1810, the bible as we knew it did not exist.

    For around 1500 years, Christianity was passed on through word of mouth, and imposed on people by rulers, with very little texts or physical evidence to back it up. The texts, or 'early bibles' that did exist, from around 200AD, were basic at best and very limited in the way of actual information and the only copies of these mini 'bibles' were the originals, which were in Greece and Egypt. And those texts were nothing like the wording we see in the bible today. What we read today has been greatly added to and expanded on.

    It seems the Roman's were one of the first to adopt Christianity, and they quite clearly did not live by it in any way. They were brutes and did the exact opposite of what the bible says, as we know it today. Yet the Roman's imposed Christianity on much of Europe, despite the fact they did not live by it. Which makes me think that Christianity was more to do with politics and a way to control people, at least initially. By 500AD, most of Europe was Christian, and under the control of the 'Holy Roman Empire' (there's a clue). Christianity also came with it's own tax system, just as Islam has, which again backs up why it may have been implemented, to get a group of people under control and under one common law.

    But even in the 1500's, in Tudor England, when Henry VIII broke away from the Catholic Church and started The Church of England, there was still practically no texts or physical evidence available at this period, to back up the Christianity belief system that several hundred million people were using and depending on. It was spread entirely through word of mouth and through being imposed on people. Then suddenly, at the start of the 19th century, Christian's in North America suddenly have access to these bibles, with 1,200 pages of in depth beliefs, prophecies, rules and laws. It almost popped up overnight, around 1810.

    Have you ever wondered how the bible is not only so in-depth, but also perfect in grammatical presentation, and worded precisely, yet the original texts are extremely small, limited and vague, and nothing like the bible we see today. For example one of the original texts only contained around 300 words, yet the modern bible has incorporated that text and it's stories/prophecies into it, but expanded it to over 7,000 words, much of which has nothing to do with the original text.

  11. Matt, This video was fun, and educational. I enjoyed it.
    p.s. I also listen to the No Dumb Questions podcast…and I am not an account created by your mom.

  12. You forgot the biggest conspiracy of them all, Freemasons use the Protestants King James Bible and hate (along with all other Protestants) the Catholic Bible. The first Bible.
    Only this is not conspiracy, it's Fact.

  13. Not to mention, there were no such thing as "verse numbers" when the books were written. Heck, there went even spaces in between Greek letters! Hahaha

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