5 Huge Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

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  1. LOL!

    Upcoming Top 5:

    5. "Free" Energy – Transforming the magnetic field around us to electricity = only costs what the machine costs to build and run.

    4. 9/11 was created by people within military and government(s).

    3. Plans to kill nearly 90% of worlds population because of environmental issues.

    2. Secret Space Programs – Governments on Earth already are in space and have colonized many moons and planets. NASA and the rocket science space-program acts as a front and distraction.

    1. Aliens Exists – and they are already here since thousands of years ago!

    Thanks for a great video!

    And some great resources on my examples above 🙂 :

  2. None of these were theories in the first place… they were either declassified or it was known, never theorized.   You people need to learn what the word "theory" means in the term "conspiracy theory".

    No conspiracy theory has ever been proven true.
    In other words; there has never been a popularly held conspiracy theory, ie, a non-evidenced belief that a group of powerful people secretly worked together to do something harmful, that later had compelling evidence to prove that said conspiracy was real.

  3. Oh and the most important part of this story that the liberal media left out, was that warehouse was in Arkansas and the Governor at the time was Bill Clinton, that was one of many crimes slick willy and his sidekick the butcher of benghazi Hillary, got away with. The liberal scum that control the media have a long history right up until present, of covering for and protecting democrats, while they lie and conspire to destroy any political party that opposes the democrats, this is why Hillary is running for president, any other candidate with her 30 year history criminal activity would be scared to death of being in the spotlight

  4. You also may note the facts discovered were by valid news journalists and "main stream media". Not some nut on youtube.

  5. And 50,000 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be Bogus.
    Which goes to show that if you throw enough s__t against the wall, something is bound to stick once in a blue moon.

  6. I was shocked to see that you only had around 32K subs, I thought it'd be around 500k or smth, your videos are top notch! subscribed 😀

  7. The guy at the end, confronting the CIA director about the "ton of cocaine" has got a huge set of balls haha! what a badass.

  8. I thought the cia imported drugs thru mena Arkansas for the purpose of selling it to raise money to buy guns for some Latin American country and Hillary knew all about it. Back in the 80's when Reagan was in office.

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