5 Government False Flag Operations – Evidence OF Top 5 Conspiracy Theories That Are True

Evidence for top 5 False Flag Operations. The Iraq War, Sandy Hook, Aurora Shooting, Boston Bombing and 9/11. Here’s the truth. The Iraq War Saddam …




  1. #2…wrong. James Holmes was not the shooter. He let his MKUltra handler in through a side door, then stood there while the other people did the shooting. This even went so far that the cops led a different person altogether out of the front doors of the theater in a Batman costume, only for the photo opportunity. Also the orange haired buffoon in court, is not James Holmes, that is a crisis actor. Is Holmes even still alive? Hmmm…i think not, just like Jahar, just like Oswald.

  2. how do we as Americans educate and expose this without being found dead, can we fight the banks on a small level. examples: Stop getting loans, educate ourselves on law.

  3. Trump needs to get control of the Government and expose to the people what they have been doing. ITs the only way to get the people together and focused on MAGA

  4. good for you man doing what I've been putting off for too long I figure these are dangerous people but your absolutely right about it all I couldn't agree more it makes me sad that most of my family still believe in the lies

  5. We are moving into the new Nazi Germany. The NWO is in full swing now. They were already listening and watching, now they are disarming law abiding citizens. Americans can't wait to give up their freedom. I don't believe the wall they are building is to keep illegals out. I believe it is to keep us in….

  6. This is too funny… I can't watch the video, I get an error message saying "Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video." Amazing, since i've had no problems ever when watching videos on YT from my notepad. o.O

    Edit: Okay, just watched it on my pc. Don't know about 9/11, Aurora, or Iraq War (haven't looked into them), but I have been told about the BB and that its a false flag and why… but I've watched a lot of video of SH and have no doubt its a false flag op. While plenty of videos on SH have flimsy details, if not outright stupid ideas, there are way too many details that show SH was nothing more than an op and that no one should believe it. Two things that stand out: 1) Robbie Parker and the actors. The acting is so bad its ridiculous they thought it would actually go over on people looking at them critically. (And of course Robbie Parker's laughing and joking, followed by getting into character caught on tape… wtf.) 2) Adam Lanza. AFAICT "Adam" is a fictional person, with no real background, and less pictures of him… and the ones shown the public are nothing more than photoshopped propoganda meant to show what a "crazy person" looks like. And then you have "Adam" killing his mother for… what reason?! "Adam" shoots a bunch of children and some adults for… what reason?! (One known 'survivor' says she was seen by "Adam", but that he didn't shoot her… why not? He was shooting everyone else, right?! Oh, wait, that story changed… she saw him but apparently he didn't see her.) If this wasn't a gov't op it would have been shredded by investigators after a months time. ;l

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