5 Darkest Space Conspiracy Theories

Sex in space? Scientology starchild? The Bible’s missing day? A multi-million dollar space pen? The Hubble Telescope hiding fake moon landings? Dark5 …




  1. It takes a decade for the moon to recede almost 9 feet farther from us than before… Take one guess as to how we know this 🙂
    and yea, if youre gunna do away with pens in space, you might as well do away with toiletries as well hah

  2. This is crap like pen being a biggest mystery? We are talking about space that is basically the edge of science there are millions of mysteries but you would have to try harder to understand them first before you post crap

  3. Wat is the name of the song used in the video i tried to shazam it and everytime i do it comes up with a different result and no its not in the description

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