5 Dark Conspiracies Covered Up By Accidents

Dark5 presents 5 suspicious “accidents” covering-up hidden secrets… a special collaboration with Alltime Conspiracies examining the sinking of the Titanic and …




  1. As for the Titanic… i dont know….

    The Americans are capable of many things… but i dont think being able to move a 2 billion tonne rock of ice , 500 miles in to the middle of the north Atalantic in 1912 is one of them……

    just saying.

    i think its coincidental that the 3 richest most powerful men in the world were on the ship at the time.
    They had every oppotunity to get off with their money and 1st class status, even if it were only women and children getting on first.

  2. I admit some seem a little far- fetched BUT haven't you seen the MANY stories that seemed just as far-fetched but were confirmed when papers became declassified? It's all there for the reading unless you prefer the "Ingnorance is Bliss" method

  3. Damn we dodged a bullet with the whole princess diana thing, there could have been a muslim prince and of course he would have been raised by his father to hate and destroy the western world. cudos to whomever perpetrated the "accident" if it really was a conspiracy. xD

  4. i'd think there'd be more practical ways of killing someone other than dropping a plane on her house and hoping for the worst…

  5. Nasty comments by hateful people because the princess loved who she loved at the time, seems the world is on a hatred trip these days, leave a nasty, hurtful, mean comment and think you are funny. Cowards.

  6. I know for a fact, that there are some scary, manipulative and controlling people out there… So, why not amongst the most powerfull people. It's called "the powers that be", for a reason…

  7. gosh so ur saying they would go to the trouble of killing little kids and guys and gurls on a plane loaded with 61 ppls just so they could make it look like it wasnt on purpose?

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