5 Crazy Conspiracy Theories That Turn Out To Be True

Conspiracy Theories are all over the internet now-a-days, constantly being changed, added to or rewritten. As thousands of people either try to explain away an …




  1. Diamonds. Definitely Debeers is more than aware of what they are doing. Profit is their goal. Which brings me to buyer beware.D o your homework. Also even if you do know the mark up most women expect that diamond. There is a social stigma that goes with or without buying a diamond ring for your wife. This marketing campaign has embedded this way of thinking into generations and I don't see it stopping anytime soon.

  2. In feudal Japan, ninjas were sort of the "dirty work" guys that did things like assassinations that a regular samurai couldn't do due to their code of honor. In a way, the CIA is like that. They do things that (arguably) need to be done, but aren't quite ethical. So they do it off the books, in the shadows, stuff like that. That doesn't excuse the heinous things they do, but it's a fair analogy, I think.

    TL;DR CIA = ninjas

  3. Here's a crazy/interesting, yet TRUE story…..

    In around the 1940's or 50's, there was a man from California's Central Valley, that modified his car's engine to get something like 100 miles per gallon (most cars today get around 20/mpg) by using WATER! The steam from the water created like a pressure or something.

    He wanted to take the idea somewhere that could help him make it on a larger scale, so that it could be used by the public and save everyone millions of dollars in gas, nation wide. He went to the nearest lab…. it just so happened to be owned by Shell Oil Co. (Not sure if he knew that or not at the time).

    They bought his idea and patented it so no one else could use it. Instead of doing what he hoped they'd do, they just locked it away so that it would never be made and the country would continue to be dependent on oil.

    Years later, his friend was in Texas and showed a mechanic how to modify the engine to get the 100mpg and he was shocked! They'd go around from town to town demonstrating the cars super gas milage. The word was getting around that car companies and oil companies were scamming everyone by purposely keeping gas mileage down.

    Not long after that, both of the guys were found mysteriously dead and the car was GONE!

    There's a documentary about it, I think it's called "Gas Hole"??? Check it out! Really interesting but very infuriating hsha

  4. I've always been a conspiracy theorist junkie ?✔✅ just because something sounds bizarre and completely "Out There"
    doesn't mean it's not true!

  5. you should look up the mlk wire tappings. it is true the federal government did want martin luther king out, they just needed to catch him doing something unimaginable. and apparently….THEY DID. you wouldnt believe what they found on those tapes. if you really think about it, king was no Christian. he denied Jesus many times. he had a seriously warped view on Christianity itself. i warn you though. if you go looking, you might not like what you find.

  6. Didn't GM get a huge bailout from the government? How can you waste time, and money like that and then ask for over 11 billion of our tax dollars? What scumbags.

  7. God if Martin Luther King jr. wasn't killed on that day the world would be in such a better place today then it is now race relations would be in such another state why do we have to hang on each other we're all human beings I love all colors and their cultures

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