5 Conspiracy Theorists & Researchers Who Mysteriously Disappeared or were Seemingly Silenced…

Are all these cases just coincidental, or is there a lot more to this than we think? The Top5s Magazine is now available!…




  1. How about "coincidentally" there were some hurricane winds in the area the night ol dude disappears on his ufo trip? Weird af

  2. Wish whoever these people would hurry up and "silence" Alex Jones, not that I think he's onto something, but because both he and his followers are crazy, and not in a fun way…

  3. The first bit sounds very similar to a DMT experience or an existential experience from deep meditation. The joy he seemed to have in leaving and the love and gratitude he expressed to friends and family, coupled with leaving all of his material possessions, I think really could be a result of coming into contact with an entity of higher consciousness.
    There's a lot more to the true reality then the small piece you're familiar with. Psychedelics is a wonderful gateway to this way of life.

  4. Maybe some of them felt guilty from a life of being a charlatan, enough so to kill themselves. Maybe they got killed by other delusional people whom they had riled up. Just theories – I don't claim this to be the truth, but thoughts were asked for.

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  6. One should never ever kill themselves, change the helplessness into anger so that the only options are fight or flight, killing myself is never an option, and so its hard for me to understand alot of suicides, and that makes me skeptical of suicides to where i make excuses to make it seem out of their control and they didnt want to die

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