5 Conspiracy Theories That Would SUCK If True

People like to run wild with their imaginations and create conspiracy theories, but some would really suck if they were true. John and Hannah discuss conspiracy theories that you really don’t…




  1. the moon landing is fake because for two reason one the flag was moving like there was in air. 2nd is if the moon landing was true why they don't do it again.

  2. ummmm Hannah, the Mermaid documentary was proven to be false, it was all altered..although I believe the theory of the cure for cancer being withheld from the public.

  3. Hannah that documentary on Discovery about the mermaids had a disclaimer at the end that said it was fake lol

  4. Retarded is a description, not an insult. Or, correction, yes, you can be insulting to call someone retarded if they aren't as a putdown, but if you're describing being retarded, then the phrase isn't bad.
    Like the opening of this video, when the person worrried they were actually retarded, there is nothing wrong with that word for the situation he's talking about.
    Guess I had a chip on my shoulder over the word since I've got a couple things retarded in me (not as slang, but retardation) and thinking that word is bad is as goofy as saying handicapped should be handicapable. Handicapped is an accurate term, as well.
    Eh, maybe I'm too retarded to articulate where I'm coming from.

  5. Hannah, there are no mermaids. The "biologists" and "government officials" featured in that documentary are actors with their own IMDB pages. Google it. 🙂

  6. It crashed the Russian economy it made sense for one of them to fake it. Did we go to the moon then I don't think so. Have we gone since then yes.

  7. i will say that while there is no Atlantis, the human race is in fact moving backwards. many years ago there was a metal forge found in a valley that was use to smelt steel before the iron age and Egypt had batterys long before anyone else. google it you will find it and also go up to your friends and ask them to do a math problem in their heads and see who reaches for a calculator

  8. hanna oh hanna you turned into a bimbo in this video… The Mermaid "Documentary" is not really a documentary, it was a FICTIONAL flim produced in a documentary like fashion. even Animal Planet is that deperate for ratings. <—— what i just said is a fact , Discovery Network spoke openly about this just do some reserch after you watch something on TV.

  9. I'm just saying I saw the same mermaid documentary, and if you look at the text in the begging it actually says that it is fake and made for entertainment. Sorry hanha

  10. This video was RETARDED, stop being a fucking politically correct idiot…actually you are just an idiot in general, they even said in the "Documentary" about the mermaids that it was false and was just actors.
     The government hasn't only talked about blowing up a airliner or something to get us involved in a conflict. The attack on USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin was faked to get us involved in the Vietnam war. I would suggest looking at some videos about 9/11, because a lot of stuff just doesn't add up.
    I also think that it is highly likely that if the cure for cancer was found that it would never be used, cancer brings in billions of dollars a year, why would they want to stop getting all of that money?
    Hannah you are just stupid for thinking that if you put your head between your legs in a plane crash that it will kill you on impact, it has been proven many times to significantly increase your chance to survive the crash.

  11. 😂😂😂 oh my god I've also wondered if everyone is pretending I'm not autistic or something, I'm not, I don't think… But I was tested once for a learning disability when I was a kid & now no one remembers or avoids talking about it in my family. I think this paranoia & similar ones comes from everyone being overly nice & gushy about/to you, things you say, do ect.

  12. What if they filmed the moon landing from an underground luna base because they don't want us to see what's on the surface?

  13. dear hannah, I like your optimism but we simply don't have the tech to find other planets to support life (at least in our definition, maybe there definition of life is different and they can live in gas giants etc.)

  14. I am an atheist but am now convinced that Jesus did exist, even thought I do not believe in the accounts of his life and death as mentioned in the Bible. Outside the Bible not much has been written about him, but a lot has been written about his apostles and his brother James (even by the Romans). This means that they existed. Now most of them died horrible deaths in the name of Jesus. That leaves two possibilities; 1. There was a Jesus who taught them things that affected them so much they were willing to die for it. or 2. They all made up a guy named Jesus and all died believing in this fake person. That in itself is a conspiracy.

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