5 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

Conspiracy theorists are often mocked and their conspiracy theories are treated like jokes. I agree some of the conspiracy theories are just insane but that …




  1. People in the comments are like "when was this proved" stfu do you really think they're going to release shit like this to the public? Of course it's not proven because all the evidence except for some had been completely delete. Do you really think the mass media will
    Let you know of the shit going on behind closed doors

  2. These are just the ones that have been made public. If I knew half of what the US gov't has done, or is doing right now, I'd probably never sleep again.

  3. maybe these bulls**t ads should f**k right off. destroys my perspective of your content. talking about facts then a stupid game ad comes on and destroys the whole clip.

  4. 7:12 "which we all know was oil", bullshit they eradicate every strong state in the middle east that won't bend the knee (gadaffi, mubarak, hussein, assad, ahmadinejad) so israel can have complete control of the region, that's the only reason we're in the middle east today, for israel, the zionists, the jews.

  5. I have a conspiracy theory. Beyoncé's birthday is September 4th (Also mine) in which two times two is four and two triangles make a cube which has been a recent sign of the Illuminati so Two triangles again makes a cube in which a cube has four sides then back again Beyoncé's Birthday is September 4th. Like if you agree

  6. America has never went to war with a truthful justification. They have always declared war on a the back of a false intelligence or an exaggerated intelligence of an attack on US interest (military outpost or military craft). And the target they went after are never the ones who had started the aggression…. they were usually the ones whose wealth US government had it's eyes on and was waiting for the right excuse to get it. That is how they went into WWI, that is how they went into WWII and that is how they went into Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait. Trump is a moron and there is a very high possibility that like Dubya Bush he will find an excuse to start a war economy by raiding the middle East once again!

  7. Notice a pattern here? Operation Northwoods initiated the Cold War. The Gulf of Tonkin incident initiated the United States' involvement in the Vietnam War. The fake story of babies being slaughtered by a United States PR company initiated the Gulf War. "Weapons of Mass Destruction" initiated the War in Iraq. And many people believe FDR knew about, or helped orchestrate, the attack on Pearl Harbor which led the United States entering WWII. 9/11 led to the invasion of Afghanistan and many believe that was also orchestrated by the government. You have to go back pretty far in history to find a "legit" war.

  8. And they're still doing this shit to this DAY. All these shootings you see on the media getting insane amount of air time even though it doesn't' even make up 1% of our population is part of this. They're creating a racial divide to create chaos. Order in Chaos are words G.W Bush uttered recently.

  9. You can so understand why other countries hate America, but what they hate is our Government because our Government Lies! The American people are not aware of the shit that our Government does and that is hardly what America started out to be. It's supposed to be Of the People by the people for the people! We've learned from the time were children money is the root of all evil. When you get to Washington there's just tons and tons and tons of money and it corrupts everybody there. But the people of America are nothing like our government we are kind giving people and when we see our government help other nations it makes us feel so good but when we find out that our government is pure evil it just about sucks the life right out of you as an American citizen. I think the American people want Justice from our own government and that's why Obama, the Clinton's, Loretta Lynch, just to name a few and the rest of those lousy bastards whether there in Congress the Senate or the White House or any other public office held in America who were part of this along with any private citizens as well!! they could start with Obama Hillary and George Soros and then go from there!! They need to be held accountable! They are no different than the average citizen in the United States that is the way our justice system was set up so they have to be held accountable I don't care how much money they have and because their crimes are so heinous they should be stripped of all their resources given a public defender and then they will realize what they've done wrong!! Then the United States of America can be Great Again!!! And let that lesson for anybody considering working in Washington or running for any public office!!!

  10. RE: your 1st sentence (about the mentally unhinged, to put it nicely) referring to conspiracy theories and how many or most dismiss them as a joke or just schizoids, etc. Well, there's a good reason for that! Most conspiracy mongers; alex jones (that fucking douchebag) lovers, etc, are batshit crazy! Sure, there have been real conspiracies over time, but these have been typical, greed or power-driven conspiracies, whatever. But as the kooks keep thinking that Oswald didn't kill JFK: ALONE & with NO help whatsoever (look, Oswald also took a shot, with the same rifle he killed JFK, at Gen Edwin Walker, that piece of SHIT who was this right-wing asshole & the current boss of the john birch "society", an organization of fucking scum, no better than nazis! So, there goes most of these kooks' theory of JFK's death by LHO and nobody else. But it is interesting to see, uncovered, certain "conspiracies" which did take place and what you'll notice about these is that they're not wild, schizoid tales that are obviously BS, but they were things that made sense and of course, the conspirators undertook whatever it was because, in most cases, if not all, there was a lot of money to be made and/or power to be gained!

  11. Operation Mockingbird….. Hmm…. Perhaps it is still happening, considering a lot of the MSM outlets have been exposed as being political activists, NOT reporters. After this shit show of an election, and seeing the media tell lie after lie after lie. I wouldn't be at all surprised.

  12. I'm unsubscribing your channel due to near constant commercial interuptions. I will no longer waste my time on slightly interesting topics only to be interupted by more than only a few unwanted comercials. You're a tool and sub-par YouTuber

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