5 Conspiracy Theories About Space!

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  1. StreetCap1 just posted another video he caught today of multicolored "things" outside the ISS. It was up for about a minute before the ISS or NASA switched to blue screen.

  2. If we keep sending probes out into space, we're going to use up all of earth's mass. we keep sending metals and other limited materials out there which we can't get back. Eventually we're going to run out.

  3. NASA openly admits that they can not go past low earth orbit, but that they "hope to one day have the technology to go beyond low earth orbit" …. to places like the moon.

    So how did they go to the moon in the 60's if they can't get past low earth orbit?

    Their explanation, oh well we had the technology but we don't have it anymore and it would be too costly to reproduce it…… if you believe that, message me about a great deal on ocean front property in Kansas!

  4. Look up 'The Allies of Humanity Briefings', free online, to comprehensively understand the reality and intentions of the extraterrestrial intervention. These are perhaps the most important documents in the world today.

  5. In the Black night satellite picture there are no stars. Just want to point that out, shouldn't there be endless stars??

  6. Hmm, we hear lots about conspiracy's here on YouTube? Its Either nasa or some other government agencies…. Interesting, indeed. Should i be worried "Or" Entertained "Or" perhaps just programmed by big TUBE or a Flat Earther?. Strange isn't it, it all ends up in public view and all deliberately?. so out of the tempered scism we have Life evolving out of a little pond of goo and we have computers, NASA's, YouTube's and chicken soup. But we can eat chicken soup, isn't that why it crossed the road and fell on a pair of conveniently placed pair of scissors.

  7. So the nazis had ufos with lasers? Yet still lost the war. 🤦‍♂️ why do you waste your time with this rubbish? The Stanley Kubrick one can be disproved straight the way by the fact that all those things happened in the shining, because Steven king wrote them in the book

  8. About the moon landing hoax… at the time it would literally be harder to photoshop/stage a moon landing than an actual moon landing.
    This is because of:
    The lighting (you would need light so powerful, even today we cant make it. This is via the shadows and stuff)
    The people who accidentally tuned into the radio of the transmissions (Forgot who, but they werent a fan of the US. Why would they lie for the benefit of the US?)
    And the people who worked on it ( if it really was a hoax, do you expect hundreds of people who worked on the project to keep silent? It makes no sense).
    With the technology we had it was easier to go to the moon than hoax a moon landing. The government wasnt hiding photoshop, guys.

  9. The Russian cosmonaut conspiracy is the most likely one of these to be true. The Cold War was a tense time between the US and Russia (far FAR moreso than now) and it's not like the Russian track record for transparency has ever … you know, EXISTED AT ALL, particularly on the international scale. So imagine this mentality but in the Cold War Space Race environment of the time – that mentality was amplified many times overr.

  10. My god, look at that SEA OF PEOPLE in the Nazi rally photo… holy fuck, I honeslty can't imagine that sort of enthusiasm for ANY cause in today's generational pools, especially for something governmental lol

  11. The lost cosmonauts I am inclined to believe.

    The lunar landing hoax conspiracy theory has been completely destroyed, but they won't surrender on a battle they lost.

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