5 Cartoon Conspiracy Theories That Are True

These are fan theories that were so good that they have almost become cannon, even in some cases being confirmed by the creators. Don’t forget to drop a LIKE …




  1. Uhm, I don't think the Frozen/Tarzan theory can even be confirmed considering that they are from different time periods. Frozen: 1800's. Tarzan: 1900's. Plus the parents don't look that similar. I'd sooner believe the theory that Rapunzel is Elsa and Anna's cousin before the Tarzan theory. In the Tarzan books, Tarzan's parents are from the UK and Elsa and Anna's parents are from Norway.

  2. the Shawshank Redemption theory:
    Andy was actually suffering from multiple personalities, and he did in fact kill his wife and her lover. The most disturbing part of the theory is that Andy's "good persona dies while in prison. While his murderous side is the persona that manages to escape in the end.

  3. Tazarn is Anne and Elsa's brother…. that's b.s., look at the fathers and mothers of they are not the same people, and the other director contradicts it

  4. But wouldn't Voldemort be the second because we find that his father's ring held the stone, and Dumbledore was the posseser of the elder wand, and Harry's the third brother, making Snape death?

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  6. Stop mixing up Theory and hypothesis damn it!
    I think the layman's usage should be abolished as an absolute mangling of terminology!

    Hypothesis does exactly what you want without ruining people understanding of the scientific context of the world theory.
    so please please please stop calling it a bloody theory!

  7. I like all of these theories. But I don't see the big deal about the peddler being the genie. Sure, it is interesting, but it's not really a big reveal and it doesn't really matter as far as the plot goes.

  8. I'm fairly sure the Tarzan tweet was confirmed as just a joke from the director because he worked on both movies. At least that's what I think I read on the wiki and heard in other videos.

  9. Tarzan and Frozen cannot take place in the same generation. The soldiers in Frozen use swords and shields as their primary weapons, so it likely takes place before 1400. Tarzan cannot take place any earlier than 1889 because among other modern items such as guns and automobiles shown, Tarzan sees a picture of the Eiffel Tower.

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