5 BIZARRE Secret Conspiracy Theories That Will BLOW Your Mind

These are 5 most shocking unsolved mysteries of secret conspiracy theories that turned out to be true. Crazy conspiracies ranging from, the new world order, …




  1. The " Illuminati " are anti monarchy, anti royalty so why would they support banking dynasties? This is disinformation. The " Illuminati" believe in a Meritocracy and a regulated market. They are the enemy of those who inherit their wealth. The term " new world order" is being used to describe what is clearly the Old World Order. Think. Use Reason.

  2. DORSET.. Yanks Luv ur vids & ur accent. You draw us in w ur great delivery. Indeed, FLOURIDE is a known poison. Americans are the only lab rats, forced to drink it & brush teeth w it, daily! Since the the 1950s! Good for teeth. RITE!! Sum of us found a way around it tho. RITE HERE, on Youtube. This poison can be easily neutralized. We're not stupid. Just Furious! I recently saw TV show about attemts, by his own, to murder Hitler. There were closer to 100 failed attempts! Those poor men & women paid w their lives, of course. HEROES, ALL. Keep em coming. Especially spooky, creepy stuff. From a fan, across the pond! lol

  3. The new world order has been a fact and signed into existence in the UN agenda 21 its hardy a conspiracy , we live our lives as salves the elite every day it's a reality we choose to hide from

  4. Hey DorsetGhost Mysteries, I Love conspiracy theory vid's, Thank you guys… Keep uploading vid's like this one and I'll continue watching♡Lily♡

  5. There's flouride in our water and flouride in our toothpaste. Was led to be believe flouride made teeth stronger. At least that was what I thought I was told as a kid. We either getting just the right amount to keep our teeth strong or we are getting just the rght amount that we have become immune to that amount or some of us are weaker than others of us and they get cancer.

  6. Isn't fluoride one more of those "fad" elements that people loved, then were the toxin & harmful effects realized?!? We have no one but ourselves to blame for our love of the outward appearance?!? (i.e. lead, radium, mercury, etc…. Maybe it's not the element that's bad, but the OVERUSE of it?!?) ???

  7. Wow it's been 7 years since i subscribed to you guys…People love unknown creepy creatures as well as legends now days more then ever..crazy thing is..today you can find these things..strongly recommend to do a video about them! Skinwalkers, Rake, Wendigo..Owl man? So many monsters pick 5! ; )

  8. german nobels (von) wanted to get rid of hitler because he was bad for bisnes and + he was crazy…. illuminati the whole theory is bullshit. poor people like me want to see conspracys everywhere because we are poor and hate rich people because they have money that's the way things are exept that and you are better off….

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