5 Alien Conspiracy Theories Thought to Be True

Aliens. The very thought of life out there in the universe is held as a belief by many while others condemn the thought as science fiction. But sometimes there …




  1. First! No one DARE to answer back ! Only apextv#, by the way nice ending I like the part where you guys say " If you dont Subscribe the aliens will caome after you" really funny and hooking ending. Keep the good work up! 👌👌👌👽👽👽😀😀😀

  2. I disagree with the thought of aliens or any sort of intelligent life out there mainly for the fact that if you look at earth in scientific terms earths creation/relation(ex:Earth is the perfect distance from the sun) these are very very very rare occurrences.

  3. Listen, if there are aliens that have the ability to travel intergalactic ally and come to earth, we wouldn't be here to watch this video right now. We would be wiped out in hours. And why in evey video does the alien have to hide?! How can it be scared of a species technologically below it??USE COMMON SENSE

  4. Aliens are real, the world governments are trying to make us stupid, by saying our forefathers created the universe. Then pray the sun, no need to go to churches, mosques and all temples. No giants, no angels AND NO GOD. That's why when we meet an alien, we will tremble, scream, tears will come out from the eyes, and starts to pee the pants. We are not mature to meet them yet, just like toddler meeting a monkey.

  5. Valentich was flying upside down. The last thing he saw was the shadow of his plane reflected by the moon on the water, leading him to beilive it was an object following him.

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