33rd Degree Mason Confirms Many “Conspiracy Theories”

Manly P. Hall, a 33rd Degree Freemason, confirms many so-called “conspiracy theories” about secret societies. Video by Mark Dice. http://www.




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  2. The title of this video is misleading. It is simply a rehash review of Manley Hall's 1920 book. It is a self promotion by the author of a book that interprets or opines upon Hall's Work. The big conspiracy revealed is symbolism on the $1 bill by quoting Hall's mention in his book. The vid was not informative nor entertaining and is simply an advertisement for this author's book on Hall's book. No new research or facts here. Want to know more? Bypass this guy and read Hall's book for yourself.

  3. You continue your badgering of the order, maybe it would help you understand that most Lodges have a requirement for a police check prior to acceptance into the Lodge, Abnormal behaviours are never allowed into the doors.

  4. Free Masonry is NOT a conspiracy. It's a Philosophy. Christendom is the conspiracy that has influence on Free Masonry. The Roman Bishopric is the author of any and all conspiracies.

  5. Mr Dice, starting at your assertion that Manley P Hall is one of Freemasonry's greatest philosophers, I knew where this was headed. Modern Freemasons see Manley P Hall for what modern thinking reveals him to be. He was in the same vein as relics like James Frazer and E B Tylor; he simply had it wrong. He collected traditions and belief systems from different times and places, gave no regard for their original context, and assumed historical links between them. His third-rate scholarship doesn't bother me. It's his vanity that I have a problem with. He would loved to have belonged to an order that was so powerful it influenced the establishment of the United States behind the scenes. Any assertion made by Hall needs to be taken with a fistful of salt, including (that's right Mr Dice) the idea that there is some elite star chamber within Freemasonry controlling it all. Get a grip. The only thing you're achieving here is selling your book to weak-minded simpletons looking for an explanation about why their lives are a disappointment. HAS to be a conspiracy, right??

  6. It only makes sense that the Oligarch would do utmost anything to remain secret. One thing is clear, the "secret power" in Europe was the finance of European Creditors (House of Rothschild who puppeted the English Crown as "he owned her money supply). Hall entices the imagination but anybody can study history and make their own interpretations; I would prefer to discover everything for myself. The trouble with our pursuit of Knowledge is the scientist thinks his or her theory is better or stronger than their rival, and Archaeology doesn't even get a sniff in with Egyptology, nor Geology, nor Engineering. We have the wrong minds and not enough people actually perusing knowledge. On top of that, we are addicted to this material prison which ultimately is obstructing anything meaningless to our long-term existence on this planet. Materialism has been at the heart of everything destructive that has happened throughout history (as recorded), thus is the essence of Evil.

  7. your so uneducated, the Illuminati approached the masonic craft many years ago ¬†first let me start by telling you the Illuminati was a spin off of catholic church pupils who insisted on science and natural reasoning to be the real truth and that they had enlightenment and basis of this knowledge so it became there mission to demonize and debunk the church ¬† and being an elite fraternal order of there own kind they wanted to expand… ¬† The Freemasons which predate the catholic church back to king Solomon were of much interest to the Illuminati because they were of there own accord and so they trusted they would gain support of this elite org. ¬†nonetheless the offer was declined over much debate and this infuriated the groups upper echelon and that created a riff ¬†moving along in time the group failed and was disbanded around the 15th century and was NEVER AGAIN ORGANIZED OR BROUGHT FORTH ¬†what you hear now about ILLUMINATI is further away from the truth than you can imagine because supposedly THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS THE ILLUMINATI which reffering to my previous text the group was a broken piece of the church with different views ¬†so DO NOT SHAME A CHARITABLE ORG. with this dyslexic view of how the illuminati just came about in the last 100 or so years of freemasons as i stated the freemason rejected the illuminati ¬†

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  8. So where are all these Freemasons?  I need some tuckpoint work done on the brick on the front of my house, and all of the masons around here seem to charge.  I can't even get anyone to do my windows.

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  10. Correct me if i'm wrong, but the oldest known recognised Masonic gravestone¬†is of a Knight Templar in Athlit, Israel, from the time of the Crusades? So you can imagine my astonishment when I caught a glimpse of a Masonic grave on a¬†tv prog, from¬†under the Vatican, dating from the first-second centuary AD!!!¬†¬†I've tried to find out more but nothin' doin'…If anyone has seen this image (I'm sure it was on "Museum Secrets" documentary) could you please reply to this.

  11. Scottish are not even admitted to the inner sanctum. They think they are which is how it should be, but they are not holders of the power.

  12. Oh and by the way, no one in the masons is high enough to even know someone who knows someone who is illuminati. masons is just a working man's social club. Just because something is a secret society does not make it illuminati, but it is good that you are so preoccupied with the trivial, that is as it should be and keeps you from the scent. The great thing about illuminati is that it is impossible for you to ever know who they are, or the names of their organisations. They are right by you devouring your soul, adding the numbers and meeting the toll.

  13. Knowledge is something you are born into. If you are you know, if you are not, then you will never even know what you don't know. But then you don't need to know.

  14. If everyone knew everything, there would be no such thing as knowledge. With knowledge comes the responsibility of knowing when someone else needs to know something. That's the way it is.

  15. If you are expecting me to tell you the answer to that, then you will have to be disappointed, but such is life…..full of disappointment.

  16. illuminati people are futurist people that knows the truth in future events like using future technology etc that would probably make you think there god if you didn't know any better , thats just one of my illuminati conspircies , the freemason or a big faturnal like organization like college frats and they hummilate they members by join kind of a masonic symbol they dress like frat member and introduce new masons by rituals etc freemasons most of them went to college and join different frat organization alpha beta gama etc frats also have symbolism which freemason uses some of there symbols they been around since king solomon days there one of the longest lasting secret socities freemason was formed way before usa government even the 13 colonies ( orginal usa) eastcoast of the usa the illuminati made a public form the say years that the usa government was form they probably have a connection with them as of right now there mutilple secret socities in the government working together for world domination guess theyll split there ernings at the end earth was once land with jungle inhabbits everywhere lions tigers and bears if humans were here around this times means there were living in the jungle with the animals then people started to form dynsties kindoms places where empores and other forms government and dictatorship happend the people had to find food instead of just goin in stores and giving a 1.23$ for somebody to cook it for you money has became the new means of survival instead of trying to gut and clean dead animals people are paid to do that and build more technology to take over soon humans would be living like gods want have to lift a finger or go to work because technology would be the new slaves working for free theyll get paid by energy packs to keep them working seeing that the only function is to flip burgers atleast that means no humans with bad attudes and worry if somebody might spit in your food at your favorite fastfood rasturant the future just a step into technology era and the rest of cons that come with robots etc in socity

  17. you have a big mouth and do not measure your expand of information, that is why you are a profane man and will pay for your insolence for 13 generagions

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