3 Creepy Kids Cartoon Show Conspiracy Theories

Most kids cartoons seem harmless enough but there are those who believe these family friendly cartoon shows may contain a darker more sinister side. In this …




  1. Rugrats theory debunked:Viewers enraged😠😂😩😴😑
    Due to the spin-off all grown up,Rugrats:angelica theory was debunked by the Nickelodeon!

  2. The scariest one of my opinion is the Rugrats one it's just kind of freaked me out that none of the adventures were real and all of the babies were just imaginary Friends don't know why just creeps me out

  3. Here's me busting these theories:
    If the babies except for Phil weren't born then the objects they'd be holding would be floating
    If courage thinks humans are monsters then he'd see Eustace and Muriel as monsters
    If Spongebob and his friends are deformed creatures they would look like Jason

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