3/10/10 Jesse Ventura Discusses 9/11 Conspiracies on The View

Does Jesse Ventura think 9/11 was an inside job? Remember: always believe the opposite of what a government official tells you.




  1. Fuck Barbara fuck whoopie cushion fuck all those hoes they don't know nothing they know the truth they just don't want it admit it cuz they're sucking the president's dick putting them on a pedestal

  2. These women are so embarrassingly naive. They can't believe those government sweet hearts could kill their own people. How many US servicemen were killed searching for WMD that never existed? Bush and crew knew Iraqi intelligence was false from the get go. The CIA was told to doctor all objections to Curve Ball's phoney WMD report. Intelligence officers never believe uncorroborated spy shit. Curve Ball was a fabricator. Bush and Co were fabricators and war mongers. Up to a million people were uselessly sacrificed on the alter of their corporate greed. Trillions of dollars worth of oil simply vanished from Iraq. War lord murderers were getting paid to slaughter honest dealers… Fact check your bullshit ABC!

  3. I don't think that Bush knew 9/11 would happen he wanted a reason but had no idea that much would happen and if not for thr reaction much more could have happened that day or in the following days also the world shocked at the horror of that day it was the 2nd shot heard around the world

  4. I love Jesse, but one of the dumbest things a person can say about 911 is "Bush knew." People just always try to "out think the room" and come up with garbage conspiracies. On 911 we suffered because of a tiny technicality in our airport security that the terrorists exploited, and we fixed it. That's all folks.

    And no damn missile hit the Pentagon, there were plenty of airplane parts and wreckage found, but rumors, yes rumors say there were no airplane parts… And conspiracy nerds say "Why was the ground-level security video of the plane hitting the pentagon so blurry?" That's a simple answer, if you understand lenses and focal points, that camera was not intended to film that spot or focus on that spot, it just happened to barely pick up the impact on it's feed! Not to mention in order to film a plane speeding by you need a specialized camera not a cheap security feed camera which was so far away! Yeah because the image wasn't crystal clear that makes it fake, and a giant conspiracy right?

  5. Americans and stupid, they think that there government is loyal to them 😂😂😂. She goes it’s a terrible accusation lol, she finding it hard to believe that her own government could do this, how naive.

  6. 1:55 "the government wouldn't kill it's own citizens". Stupid lady, the EPA knew the air was toxic after 9/11, yet they declared it safe & killed at least another 3000 rescue workers who they allowed to breathe in the toxic air. That proves you wrong straight away.

  7. Terrorists who are fighting in the middle east then and now are funded and financed by higher powers. The zionists and C.I.A. destabilizing the middle east by backing terrorists. Saudi Arabia funded al-Qaeda during 9/11 and still are. Every terrorist group fall under wahhabism or salafism which came from Saudi Arabia. These terrorists groups like al Qaeda, "free syrian army", ISIS, jabhat al nursa, HTS and the white helmets etc. Are all pawns of the zionists and the U.S. in order to fulfill their agendas.

  8. What about the 2 million Middle East people that died and your saying he wouldn’t do it too 2900+ Americans!!!!

    What about the rothchilds organisation not even showing up that day !!! And taking all there data the day before !!!

  9. Barbara, are you telling me that evil people couldn't be in charge of government? You're a moron. Just ask Hitler. He knows a thing or two about being in charge as an evil bastard. I know you have a crush on little Georgie, but he's not as great as you think. Same for Dick Cheney.

  10. I'm with you Jesse Ventura nothing adds up. Everything from who did it and why to the president being told about it. Look up what was said to bush when he was reading with those kids at school and watch the video of him at the school. Just see if your smart enough to figure it out I will give you a hint. Tick.tock ⏰

  11. Interesting – The View standing up for the Bush Administration but they now stand up for the Dems. What a change, or do they just like wading in the established swamp? Curious.

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