25 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

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  1. WWE is not a conspiracy. it's fiction. they never put any more effort into pretending it's real than many books have done, and many 'reality' tv shows do.

  2. MK Ultra was testing the use of LSD to see if it could be used to interrogate people, not control their mind. This and a couple other so called facts are not quite facts.

  3. wrestling is scripted due to vince mcmahon being requested to appear before congress to explain why his business should be exempt from paying taxes,he explained that wrestling was in fact entertainment and not a real sport only to save millions and keep re-investing his empire earnings that through the years tripled his investments and achieving billionaire status but in early 2013 he lost 1.8th his earnings [300 million] in wall street shares.wrestling is a business and a sport that vince mcmahon profited from due to tax exemptions note how his empire has decimated and his wrestling superstar roster has decreased since his wall street shares dropped….[do the research] and though wrestling is a [sport] it hasn't been [real] since the greco roman era

  4. fluoride isn't bad for your teeth at all! Bit over time it is detrimental to your brain and most internal organs. This is common knowledge, even dentists tell you to NEVER swallow after brushing

  5. The "The IRS is targeting conservatives" is hardly a conspiracy. The person who did the investigation had targeted both progressive and conservative parties. The conservative parties were let go, while the progressive parties were not.

    Note, the head of the IRS investigation was a conservative

  6. I like your channel and have watched a lot of you videos. Most of the videos are well put together, and interesting, funny,or both. However, everytime I watch a video with the person that narrated this one, they are full of very inaccurate information (even information that your channel has proved to be wrong in other videos) or mispronunciations of very basic words. Both of these make it hard to watch the video. Can we please for the sake of YouTubers get it figured out!

  7. Its true that there was indeed a conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. government but don't blame it on 'fascists'. Blame it on the international money power – the International Anglo-American Aristocratic/Zionist Cabal or put another way the Military/Industrial/Banker/Media/Corporate Complex. Either way, its a group of Money Power families including Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros, Royalty behind their numerous front organisations (CIA, central banks incl BIS, CFR, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, UN, Brookings Institute, Tavistock Institute, Carlisle Group, Club of Rome, Skull & Bones (the Bushes, John Kerry), Freemasonry (top levels controlled by them), Illuminati, your government, etc, etc. And yes, there is a luciferian worship involved and high degree of psycopathy due to bloodline inbreeding down through the ages. Some things never change such as their tactics of False Flag operations to create wars etc such as 9/11, 'lone gunman shootings' in several nations to justify disarming the population before their New World Order can totally control. Today Putin is their fake 'enemy' of the West. Don't believe it.

  8. You can not make ice bullets. The velocity would shatter the ice. So right off the bat there is BS. I didn't bother with the rest of it. You lost credibility immediately. Don't take my word for it, Myth busters tried it.

  9. #20 was only partially true? Which part? And how does it differ from George W. Bush claiming Iraq had weapons of mass destruction? Or his father claiming Iraqi soldiers were throwing newborns out of incubators in Kuwait? Or for that matter, claiming soldiers in Panama had raped the wife of a US Army officer at a checkpoint before invading that country?

    It's called propaganda and it differs, I think, from what we like to think of as "Conspiracy Theory." It may be a fine line, and both rely on manufactured LIES… but there is a difference!

  10. Ok, some of these at the very least are misleading. I have had first hand experience with one of them and while not entirely untrue its not at all like he made it seem in this video. I am skeptical of a few others also.

  11. new world order is actually trying to take over the earth and they are more upfront about it. they even have a festival called global citizen where many well known celebrities perform. people are so distracted by celebrities that they dont realize what the event was about. they think it's world peace. world peace doesn't exist. we're going to have military for police and they'll be like the gaurds from half life. just saying.

  12. ALOT of ignorant sheeple watching this.I wonder why? They need to keep taking the Blue Pill and stay in their little protective cocoon of Bliss.

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