25 COMMON MYTHS You Won’t Believe Are Actually True

Many people believe in common myths. You may think that most common myths are false, but in reality, some of them are true. These are 25 common myths you …




  1. Weekly. Or when ever I find alcohol wipes or have them. I will wipe my phone down, it doesn't even matter, if it's in the same day (add paper towels.) #wordbomb the new photo bomb.

  2. This video is mistitled. The definition of a myth is "a widely held but false belief or idea". Therefore, if these statements are true, then they are facts, not myths.

  3. Item 17:


    While we layman have an opinion of when we think people die, the (date and time) science in fact does not know the exact moment in time when death happens
    or come to think of it the exact moment in time when life starts. We just have estimates.

    Keep in mind this was done in 1901. Science has progressed a long way since then yet today we still can not pinpoint the exact moment in time.
    You have to remember for this experiment he claims to have weighted the subjects before death and then just after death.
    He is talking about just a few grams lost. Although in some cases it returned and left again.
    Its not disclosed if that is normal for a human body to do all the time.

    He also did the experiment on dogs and found no loss in weight so concluded they have no soul.


  4. Poor dogs … Someone should torture and feed the chinese to the dogs …. That prolly a bad idea tho … I think it would poison the dogs…. chinese folks live in a toxic enviroment … so there prolly not too good to eat

  5. It is not a myth if it's true. Then, it's a fact that 90% of US money contains cocaine, for example, and not a myth. A myth cannot, by definition, be true. In truth, it happens when the users snort lines with all those hundred dollar bills of theirs. lol

  6. # 1 about Albert Einstein is actually not true as he said if I were to be born again, I would become a plumber hence the plumber association of Chicago gave him honorary license.

  7. Beavers getting charged $10k for building a dam? Gonna say that while the state attempted recoup the cost of the damages, the beavers weren’t paying it, and a bit better research could make the story more realistic and not a yarn told by an old drunk on a corner stool in a small hole in the wall bar…

  8. The human organ thing is creepy because the person still has to be alive when you harvest the organ, otherwise it is rendered useless after they die. I know this because when my father-in-law had a massive stroke, they asked if he would have liked to be an organ donor. We were told exactly that. He had to still be alive when they took the organs. We said "no". Doctors have been known, quite often to make mistakes when predicting a person's demise. So think twice before you check the organ donor box on your driver's license.

  9. Not a single one of these "myths" did I believe to be myths.
    Either I knew they were true, or I had never heard of them, and would have no particular reason to believe they were myths.

  10. FACT
    A FACT is a half-truth. FACTS change. It was a FACT that the world was flat, then it was a fact that is was Round…
    FACTS Change… Maybe it is flat after all…
    FACTS are TRUE until proven WRONG

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