22 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories – mental_floss List Show Ep. 323

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  1. Want to know the real Conspiracy?
    There is no conspiracy, big business and certain powerful families are far more fucked up, underhanded and manipulative than any of these theories
    That being said, 9/11 was an inside job, (probably orchestrated by those I just mentioned)
    two plains cannot make three sky scrapers disintegrate into rubble, exactly like a controlled demolition, especially when they were designed to withstand impacts from larger aircraft.
    The pentagon announced a fucking huge $2.3 trillion missing from their budget on 9/10, and on the day, the area hit just so happened to be practically deserted compared to normal due to "construction work" they also resurfaced the area hit immediately before conducting any forensic examinations
    Oh yeah, and the air force had no idea WTF was going on, because that day they coincidently happened to be running training exercises, what were they training for I hear you ask, they were practicing what they would do if commercial planes were hijacked and used as weapons to attack strategic locations, such as the pentagon, to date, 9/11 is the one and only time NORAD has not been able to prevent an attack.
    There was something doddgy going on for sure, the facts are undeniable

  2. So personally I believe that the US probably is hiding stuff at Area 51
    Is it aliens?
    Is it secret?
    Will we ever find out if it really is?
    Probably not
    Do I believe that we shouldn't care because it could potentially be catastrophic if the US started releasing all the shit they're doing there to us?

  3. I have to say that out of all those conspiracy theories listed, the suppression of the electric car seems to be the most likely to be true. It's certainly a reasonable approach for those listed, and it wouldn't be the first time that auto companies and the government suppressed potential competition. Look at Tucker Cars, for example.

  4. Which is worse?
    1. The world is actually run by a small group of people called the Illuminati who want to enslave us
    2. World governments are run by people who are actually doing their best, but can't figure out how to solve the world's problems

  5. The gloss-over of 9/11 theorists is a bit troubling given the means+motive angle of the war-driven US military-economy at the time… I am ever the "grain of salt" distributor, but I also feel that the subject of conspiracies is innately out of your depth if you are unwilling to undertake any risk of conspiracy-support except when convenient… I've gotta say: this ep was a misstep in more ways than one, but you've likely encountered this criticism already. Yikers, right?

  6. There is another that says that digital cameras were also in the same boat as electric cars. Or is that one confirmed?

  7. Fun fact: a flying saucer DID crash at Roswell. However, when the government examined it, they found Cyrillic writing on the disc and the pilots, while deformed, were human. So basically, the govt. did a double cover up; first they planted evidence for aliens, then they covered that up with the weather balloon story.

  8. I don't know if I've posted this before…but my mom thinks there are aliens in the moon. IN the moon. Inside it. She flipped the moon off once because of it.

  9. Advertising is actually highly effective. Studies show that you're more likely to want something from an add that you don't even remember seeing.

  10. Most of these are obviously pretty silly, but the electric car one is absolutely true. "Who Killed The Electric Car" sums it up pretty well. Obviously, things are looking much better now, since cars like the Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S and Chevrolet Bolt have been introduced, to reasonable success. (I should know – I drive a 2012 Leaf.)

  11. The murals they had on the walls of the Denver airport were really weird. And airport officials were oddly taken aback and couldn't understand why people found it strange that an alien-looking soldier would be pointing a gun at a baby 😒

  12. The murals they had on the walls of the Denver airport were really weird. And airport officials were oddly taken aback and couldn't understand why people found it strange that an alien-looking soldier would be pointing a gun at a baby 😒

  13. no disease (including tooth decay) is caused by fluoride deficiency. in fact, tooth decay started decreasing well before fluoridation in water supplies began.

  14. fluoride is an element, therefore has been deeply researched, and thus cannot "include mind altering chemicals to make us a more obedient population". but what does logic mean to conspiracy theorists? also the illuminati definitely does not control us. definitely…

  15. I once worked with a guy who honestly believed that the internet did not exist. Any time you thought you were using the net, it was just "algorithms." I have no idea what that means.

  16. I heard a pretty good explanation on why the moon landing was not faked. Russia would never have let us get away with it. Seems legit to me. And the Kennedy assassination– it always gives me the feeling that something hinky was going on. I don't know what– I have no real theory. But, I think people are suspicious, because there is just more to the story then the general public was told. For all I know JFK's dad decided he sucked as president and had him killed– heck the man was mean enough.

  17. DO you think that maybe the reptilian overlord thing might have been some people trolling like "Is this question really asking me if we are ruled by reptilian overlords? Well, ooofff course we, this is a stupid poll…"

  18. Poor John, he was murdered the day after this episode went public and replaced by a lizard. There is a bible code that predict this as there is a bible code that predict everything. (Google bible code if you do not know what I'm talking about.)

  19. My super-conspiracy is that all conspiracy theories are created and promoted by a single, small group of individuals – specifically, delusional people who care with little concern for truth.

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