2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Conspiracy Theories (Chat Show)

More Celebrity News ▻▻ http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews The Victoria Secret Fashion Show airs Monday night, but seeing as the show was pre-recorded we have …




  1. Guys, do you remember last year that selena gomez was singing and kendall didnt wlaked when she was singing, that same year was the kourtney-JB situation.

  2. what is everyone talking about? I mean come on didnt anyone realize how bella hadidi touched the weeknd when she walked by him? look closely you guys will see it. i dont think she gave him the side eye.

  3. not to be rude, but i think VS went downhill as soon as they hired Kendall and Gigi and Bella. Gigi is for sure VS material and a pretty decent walker but it was laughable when they hired Kendall (who doesnt have the same natural sex appeal as any of the other girls) and then it became ridiculous when Bella was hired. she aint got a strong walk. idk its really silly now. i dont want to watch it now its becoming all about rich little girls with famous parents and who can pay more. no thanks

  4. Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid shouldn't be there, please bring back the greats like Jourdan Dunn and Giselle ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. I don't like kendall there even though she has 80 millions followers on IG. Gigi and Bella i dont care for them. I know it all about followers now. I miss the days that they hunt for bombshells in remote places of the world and made them angels. Seriously they need more diversity. These model looked sick, sickly skinny, not sexy, not curvy, not hot. Blant and boring. Not a fan anymore

  6. when your boyfriend steals your videos ideas….

    get it cause him and Shane are dating?? and Shane is always making these types of videos uugghh….I love those VIIIIDDEEEOOOSSS!!

  7. I don't think VS needs to be "natural" in show. I think it's cool to watch these really beautiful models model clothing and I think it's necessary for them to use fake tanner and fake hair and fake everything because well, they're models.

  8. Don't get me wrong I love the hadid sister and Kendall but I'm kinda upset that they got there wings first they what been in the show for what a year already why did they got there wings while other models have been modeling more than what gigi and Kendall been

  9. Wo Victoria Secret actually put Bella,Gigi and Kendall when there are so many more talented models .I am sorry to say but there walks were boring they looked good but they didn't show the outfits

  10. Is it true that clevver replies who you this out loud "LILI JOSYLIN RYLAND ARE THE BEST " ps I love clevver it really makes me happy to watch you guys

  11. I hate guys like this manlet. Why don't you just dress in a pretty dress and put on lipstick cunt? That seem to suit your fucking attitude.

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