2016 NEWS – RAW FOOTAGE – NIBIRU PLANET X WORMWOOD Conspiracy Confirmed – Illuminati Gov Coverup

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  1. Yellow rose for Texas the lie NASA told

    Shows the other planets move on poles and they can leave there pole and attack or fight other planets on the sun ?!

  2. They always spray chemtrails when the sun is going down when people look at the sunset so we can never see the sunset. I´ve just moved back to a hot country after 10 years and cannot now stand to be out in the sun, I feel I´m being burned or microwaved, I can´t stand it and now want to move to a cooler climate. Yet 10 years ago I was always laying in the sun and loved it so for sure, something has changed!

  3. Are you a monkey that lives on a spinning ball. Do you understand you took the red pill…but I awoke took the blue pill…try again you are what they call gyom it is you they mock because you can't see the truth and have chosen to believe lies feed to you by liars. Have you ever conducted even a moment of factual research. Bet you drink the crap water too and haven't even got the sense to filter the chemicals out .about to scoff a GMO dinner and then go outside and spray roundup. LOL wake up before you appear even more dumbed down.

  4. mirrored pos.  There is no Nibiru.  There is no space.  All people are doing by putting this crap up is diverting your attention from something else.  Its already been by us, its going to be by us by the 23rd thru the 25th of Sept., its going to be here by the 3rd of Oct.  What the fuc ever.  No pictures, yet they say it can be seen.  Really?  All I see is CGI's of what?, NOTHING.  Its not there folks.  If it was, wouldn't you think the elite would be gone?  DUH!!!  There is no fucn planet/star heading to kill us.  We haven't been thru its tail, now, or, ever. Wake the fuc up people. Wouldn't you idiots think that we would have descent pictures of this so called killer planet/star?  We don't, because there is nothing there. With the telescopes supposedly in space, wouldn't you think we would see something, other than CGI's?  Oh I know, its hid to protect the people, right?   Fucn idiots.  There is nothing there, period.  So keep spreading your stupid fucn worthless nonsense, that's even fucn mirrored, as its NOT REAL.  hahahahaha ass-tro-nots to the moon  hahahaha fucn joke

  5. Read your Bible the Earth is stationary a firmament on pillars. The sun and moon have ports. Why does the sun have ports if its stationary. You will see there is a God soon and you will mourn realize your ignorance and probably have a heart failure for fear of what is coming upon the earth. NASA need idiots to believe in mans power above Gods power and then you can believe in the aliens they are going to say created you. Can you be more stupid by believing liars and commenting running off your mouth but do NO research.. Enjoy being plugged into AI.

  6. people need. to get their heart open to Jesus/God/Creator and not to the ruler of this world ( satan…the great deceiver/destroyer)….we need to do this before its too late

  7. p.s. reading through the comments i see you have some trolls/scoffers trying to create confusion……..they just don't have the "eyes to see and the ears to hear"which is the gift God gives us through the Holy Spirit

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