1. Half of these were typical suicides. You gotta be have some form of psychosis to believe in Illuminati, aliens, hearing voices. How would someone paranoid and delusional not have suicidal tendencies. The others sound accidental or coincidences(if you want them to be). Only a handful were legit and have evidence to back them up.

  2. I don't know you guys, it sounds like ALL of these were just Isolated Incidents and random Suicides… Puts on Black Sunshades
    nothing to see here
    Takes out Metal Rod like Device
    Hey, look over here for me guys

  3. I remember seeing a documentary on LSD experimentation and the CIA. Frank Olsen was murdered while staying in a hotel. The CIA confessed to the murder like 40 years later (I think so). He had knowledge of associates of his secretly dosing his fellow CIA agents.

  4. You forgot Gary Webb. He uncovered the Iran-Contra incident. After it was leaked he was found and it was said he committed suicide. He was murdered. Way too suspicious.

  5. why not throw General Patton or Princess Diana in. Also Jimmy Hoffa. alot of the conspiracy theorists on this list were assassinated by Elvis Presley

  6. To me, most conspiracy theories are bull. It's just schizophrenic people cashing in on either tragedies or oddities in the world. And it not only exploits and hurts those dealing through the tragedies having lost loved ones or had other horrible things happen to them but it also gives people actually heavily suffering through schizophrenia a bad name. Most conspiracy theories and the theorists are insane and focus around very important people or highly televised events because it's so much easier to tear things down. And a lot of theorists are just plain assholes lol however, as I said, most are ridiculous. Sadly not all are and some actually seem legit, none of them being centered around 9/11 however. I watched the whole thing and have seen documentary after documentary. The whole rumbling or bomb going off prior to the plane crashing…no…not true. However, I wouldn't put it past the government to kill off the dude who said it seeing as how he would shut up which would retain bad press for the government…oh god…I'm turning this into a theory…NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  7. Kinda makes me feel lucky to be alive. I just can't believe that poor airline pilot and his 2 beautiful kids were murdered. It had to be
    government officials or the CIA.
    They're Scumbags like that If someone knows too much or are and heard things they weren't supposed to, now they are writing
    books about it the government won't tAke that too kindly and by any means silence those who force the truth to surface. Think about it for a second………….
    Who else could it have been?
    See my point?

  8. Poor Jorge. Two hours after the release of this video, he is found dead in his apartment, with seven gunshot wounds to the chest, nine stab wounds in the back, and slit throat, and his face covered in a plastic bag and his head shoved underneath the water of his bathtub filled with the blood of slit wrists. The police department investigates it, and labels it a suicide.

  9. Will you do one of these videos on all the Russian diplomats, journalists and political leaders that have turned up dead in one way or another, depending on their status and what would be appropriate exposure for said target? Ambassadors have heart attacks at rates that appear statistically unlikely, but is that actually the case? Critics and witnesses against the oligarchs get gunned down in the street like dogs, sometimes on camera, other times right in front of the Kremlin.
    How many of those ambassadors are involved as possible witnesses as to the multiple investigations going on in Washington right now (mentioned in the "Steele dossier" which has been confirmed to be part of which has been used as investigative material similar to how an anonymous phone tip would be used, I guess?…but I digress)

  10. Man that one guy sure is talented, dying in the 1970s and writing for help to President Bush (in the 90s and 2000s) and getting a message back saying he couldn't help.

  11. The "hijackers" of 911 was the US government; therefore, Dr. David Graham did not report any true hijackers to the FBI, he may have been killed for something other than that. The plane that crashed were drones by the way….

  12. Only uneducated liberal naive suckers believe the lies of people like Ancient Aliens, Travis Walton, Giorgio Tsoukalos(stupid hair loser), Billy Meier, Phil Schneider, Ed Walters, Betty/Barney Hill, Bill Birnes and Bob Lazar.

  13. Anyone else get a creepy vibe listening to this video. The static noise and Jorge's calm voice while talking about all this "suicide" and murder really creates an unsettling vibe.

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