18 “Conspiracy Theories” That Were Proven True

18 “Conspiracy Theories” That Were Proven True *SUBSCRIBE* for more great videos! Mark Dice is a media analyst, political activist, and author who, in an …




  1. one week this guy is bashing conspiracy theorists…the next he puts out vids like this?! who do you work for Mr Dice?? i trust this guy less than AJ!

  2. I'm an English conspiracy theorist, I believe in some theories but theories are over top, I like to be open mined but not too open minded that my brain falls out.

  3. The SECOND I watched his video about SANDY HOOK, I COMPLETELY LOST TRUST in this condescending a**hole. Listening to him BASHING all the pop singers over and over again GETS US NOWHERE. Yeah we all know about the EVIL MUSIC INDUSTRY…but what about tackling REAL IMPORTANT ISSUES like the creation of FAKE EVENTS (false flags) like the SANDY HOOK school "massacre" and the BOSTON MARATHON "explosion" which, when looked (not even) closer are 2 of the EASIEST HOAXES to figure out ! Mark Dice is useless just like the bloated and always angry and digressing ALEX JONES… sad (for I was a fan 8 years ago) but TRUE (for me anyways). 
    P.S. I won't participate in the drinking of the Kool-Aid wether it's the government or the "truthers" serving it.

  4. Of course there are real conspiracy theories, but you know what, Mark, those are drowned by people like you, who promote most nonsensical theories, like Moon Landing Hoax, 911 being inside job (I mean parts where place COULD NOT COLLAPSE SUCH BIIIIIG TOWERS), Lizard people, etc. So if you want to blame someone for not believing in conspiracy theories, blame yourself, blame INFOWARS, blame Icke, because all you crazy bastards are making it worse, and funny thing to recognize by me, but I think you are CIA agents, who are doing it on purpose, so that people who want to uncover real conspiracies would look stupid.

  5. This guy is part of the problem. I believe there is a conspiracy to have people make all these outrageous claims as Mark Dice does so that when there is an actual conspiracy, everyone will look at the conspiracy theorists as crazy. Alex Jones too. I believe some of what they say to be true, but whenever anything goes wrong they will cry foul, thus lending less credence to actual conspiracies.

  6. I'm sick of being called a conspiracy theorist… and being told that it's a conspiracy theory when I say the banking cabal is setting up world government through the UN and the European union. 

  7. why are you so homophobic dude? you talk about the fact that its becoming more accepted in society as if its a bad thing, what does it matter? youve just lost all credibility to me, your just another nutcase ruining conspiracys by being a biased piece of shit…

  8. "Vedantam explained that a conspiracy theory is “is where you believe in a theory where no matter how much disconfirming evidence comes in, you somehow convert that disconfirming evidence into part of the conspiracy. So with Barack Obama’s birth certificate, for example, the moment the birth certificate came out from Hawaii, the people who believe that Barack Obama was not born in the United States would say the Hawaiian hospital now is in on the conspiracy as well.”
    But that's not the definition of a conspiracy theory.  A conspiracy theory is a theory about one or more conspiracies.  So why include such a flawed definition in their story.

  9. New Yorkers told a different story than what was happening on 911.  Its not to hard to believe that September 11 is not accurate, as told by the official report.  I bet there are more than 19% who believe something else happened.  Since when does our government tell us the truth?  Since never?!

  10. You want a conspiracy? How about this- all scientists in the world have conspired not to release a scientific report on WTC7 collapse. At least I cant find a single one that would involve known physics.

  11. Only 19% will confess to believing in some sort of conspiracy theory…even yours.LOL But seriously, most Americans believe in conspiracies rather they admit it or not. Look a the success of movies and other media(news,magazines, video games) over the last 20+ years. They bank on controversy and entertainment value of conspiracy theories provide. They provide "signs" and quotes that are so easy to recognize it's almost like a newspaper crossword puzzle. They count on you to keep them alive even before they are introduced into the mainstream. Your doing a wonderful job by the way.

  12. Actually the heart attack gun wasn't possible. Mythbusters proved you can't shoot ice bullets and im pretty sure that frozen poison would also break.

  13. This would be alot more interesting and informative if this was worded properly, and he didn't say "I guess its just a conspiracy theory…" before everything. Ugh, so frustrating.

  14. I hope you're proud of yourself. This video made me punch myself in the face and develop a serious case of self loathing. Your voice also gives me diarrhea. 

  15. some of the things this guy talks about are true….but he really really needs to tone down, first impression is this guys a character or crazy before you even consider the info….nobody listens to somebody who doesn't know how to convey a intelligent believable point without a barrage of insults and excited vocal tones…relax and reason and people might take you serious.

  16. Mark thanks for shedding some light on these and I love your satire 🙂 Anyways maybe you could talk about how cops only hire people with low iqs.Heck my friend scored a 29 on the absvab and couldnt get into the national guard but I bet he could be a cop jk.

  17. I'm sorry, but western medicine is proven to be true while chiropactic 'medicine' is fraud when least concern and dangerous when people decide not to treat a disease through its means. I mean, just resently USA politicians voted on wether climate change is true or not. Let's say they voted nay, would it actually make climate change untrue? No, it wouldn't. Same goes for chiropractic medicine. What the court decided they did is different from what they actually do.

  18. Here's a fact:  There are zero conspiracy theories that were proven true.   You can't call it a conspiracy theory AFTER it was revealed to have happened, because no one theorised about them DURING the time they happened.  No one knew about them until they were declassified. They were NEVER  "theories", nor  "conspiracy theories", they were all revealed without anyone knowing anything about them in the first place.

  19. 9/11 was an inside job hidden back in the 1985 back to the future movie with marty with the twin pine malls sign scene from that movie and he got there at 1:16 am upside 9:11 or 9/11

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