15 Unsettling Facts About The Denver International Airport Conspiracy

Hundreds of conspiracy theories have attempted to explain the true backstories of some of history’s most monumental events. From the JFK assassination to the …




  1. Conspiracy Theories do not work. I fly in to DIA 8 times a year. The airport, when built was way over budget, and the multi million dollar baggage system never worked. DIA was built, because Stapleton was right next to down town. That is why they chose the remote location. Also right next to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. (A super fund site, which took years to clean up) There are still many toxic sites near the airport.

  2. I think Denver international is actually a really big emergency situation refuge for American people, and because it would be in the perfect location to avoid most natural disasters or a nation wide Attack. It’s a ‘safe zone’

  3. In 100years there still be talking about this which what they want to keep us in fear . Just live your life by living good withone another and be creative ,share and stop fearing them and things will be ok promise

  4. I worked in an engineering department at a large pharmaceutical manufacturing facility and we were constantly purchasing industrial grade equipment for our automation projects. Suddenly our suppliers had no available equipment. Their reply was everything was shipping to the Denver Airport Project. Industrial grade equipment can cost 5-10 times what commercial grade equipment would cost. They airport project also ordered more spares than was necessary and they wanted the spares immediately. A colleague and I just thought it was a government funded project and they had money to burn.

  5. Just remember, in the end times to those who have sight, the signs will be right in front of your face clear as day. But yet others will be blind when confronted with things they should see. Of course building in airport would be a perfect way to hide a major construction project that isn't an airport. The New World Airport Authority? Artwork which depicts a futuristic Soldier preying on the weak? What does this have to do with air travel and you are out of your mind if you think that there's nothing more to see here than average Airport.

  6. This is reminiscent of the hoaxes NASA pulls on us all the time. There is no Mars Rover on Mars. I want you guys to Google something. Devon Island in Canada. It's known as the main NASA research site, and also the largest uninhabited island in the world. It is red and Rocky like Mars. And NASA publicly has a huge research facility up there where they test Rovers. Have you ever seen the images that are caught on The Rovers that can't be explained? Like the numerous sightings of rodents? Those are the Lemmings that live on Devon Island. Or the Rover that took a picture of an airplane flying through the sky? Not from Mars, again from Devon Island. And then the supposed live shot of the shadow of a space alien working on the Rover? Simply a shadow of someone working on the Rover on Devon Island. NASA has even use the excuse that they've switched up mistakenly the videos between the test Rovers and the real Rover on Mars. Poor excuse, how could you get those two mixed up? Because the answer is that the program that feeds the Mars rover is worth billions and billions of dollars. And then they just send a test Rover with nothing more than a video camera across Devon Island and you're supposed to believe it's Mars. And then what do they do with the billions and billions they actually don't spend on an actual Mars Rover? Black programs. You cannot hide that kind of financial spending without accounting for it. So they've done the largest bait-and-switch in human history. That's why the Mars rover picks up very very Earthly things all the time. Denver airport is no different. They put an airport on the ground but then went billions over budget because of what you can't see. How do you hide something so big? Don't try to hide it at all. That is what goes on the left would tell you. And to those who have sight, you will see it plain as day

  7. Why can’t everyone come together and bang on the doors and demand the truth
    We’re so dumb, there’s millions of us and not even a 3% of them

    But yet they pretty much have our lives in our hands and we do nothing.
    ALWAYS – until it’s too late

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