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  1. The ghost thing is a bit far fetched. This show is about bullying in school, i don’t believe they would bring paranormal into that

  2. but why would Tyler shoot Alex? Alex is the only person who stood up for him….. I think Justin was the one who shot himself.

  3. I just started thinking, I don't know if this is already a theory, but maybe Hannah made another set of tapes and either hid them, or gave them to Tony…

  4. Alright here’s another thing that they hinted at in the series, after Hannah dies someone (I think it was like a detective) said that suicide victims clean there room before they do it. In the last scene before the gunshot, it shows Alex cleaning his room when his dad walks in.

  5. I don't think that Tyler murderer or gave Alex a gun because Alex's dad is a a cop. His dad might have guns around the house. And remember, Jessica's dad is a cop too, he has a secured stash of guns in his office, but Jessica knew the code of it so that could be a possibility that Alex grabbed a gun from his dad's room or office and shot himself.

  6. selana gomez with is the co producer says it will most likely be about how they cope with the suicide after the tapes came out

  7. Tony can’t be a ghost because there is a part where a bunch of the kids meet up about the tapes in the gym and they talk about tony so therefore he can’t be dead

  8. If Alex committed suicide like they said I don't think he would survive didn't he shoot himself in the head. no one has ever survived that only 1% chance of survival from that type of injury.

  9. Thanks to glee I found out in Ohio if you get parents permission you can be tattooed as young as 14. I don't know age you can be tattooed at professional place without parents permission.

  10. I hate Hannah so much. She is such an unlikeable character. She makes dumb choices and never tells anyone Important like the parents.
    Or get help from different sources
    Justin did nothing it was Bryces fault and he couldn’t stop stop Bryce from abusing Jessica
    Hannah was mad at mr Porter for not telling her what she wanted to hear. She was being unreasonable and she got him fired *spoiler for season 2
    She apparently hated Jesica for a simple fight
    and she blamed Sheri for something that did not even involve Hannah sort of
    She hated zach and made up the liar that he crumpled the note the year after they started hooking up
    She didn’t do anything your supposed to do what you feel that way and it pisses me off because I had depression and when she didn’t get what she wanted to hear she got mad. I now hate her face and the actors face

  11. So weird that you posted this on 4/20 of last year and that's the EXACT date of the Spring Fling in the last episode of season two

  12. Major Spoilers!!!

    The only thing that Justin is shooting is heroin.

    Alex's hair is brown in season 2.

    Season 2 is about rape.

    Alex shot himself and suffered severe injuries.

    Hannah is actually dead.

  13. Alex did shoot himself, but survived with major memory loss. Season 2 is all about the kids envolved in a courtroom going in a courtroom one by one

  14. I remember watching this and having no clue as to what you were saying! But, now I understand 🙂 season two is about each of the characters testimonies. You see, Mrs.Baker filed a report against the school. Because they ignored the signs that lead to her daughter's death. ♡♡

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