13 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be Real

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  1. Lmfao! U just don't know wtf to believe yourself do ya buddy? One video you're denying it all next you're confirming it all..Smh.

  2. I experience cointelpro type harassment as a result of a falling-out and disagreement with powerful folks in Hollywood in the 2000s. I was a drug addict and a low-level criminal, and those fuckers CAME AFTER ME, I think mostly in part just because they can and like the power trip.

  3. What about the JFK assassination? There is tons of ironclad proof for that conspiracy and 15 to 20 documented whistleblowers and insider confessions too.

  4. Not sure if it really qualifies for a conspiracy but what about the lead industry back in the 1950's ? They actively covered up the evidence of a scientist that i unfortunately cannot remember the name of. Whom could prove that lead was poison for our environment and our bodies and that it drove people crazy. They hired scientists with no knowledge of the subject to lie about it etc. And even intimitated to keep it silenced… Literally risking the safety, health and minds of billions of people to further gain money and ''power''

  5. basicly USA… never move there. it is a country that want to either controll you or just kill you. the land of freedom and opportunity…

  6. Wasn't the CIA formed out of Paper Clips, off the corpses of OSS/OSI?

    I think Alan Moore covered this all with Watchmen, leading up to today's monopolies and false flag pranks with fake news media?


    looks around at everyone

    Maybe? All those conspiracies that rose OUT of the Paper clip deal?

    Hey, what's the numbers on War Criminals left off with no trials, or those unaccounted for with families?

  7. Isn't that what they said about the conspiracies that are now confirmed? The they were absolutely false ?

    the NSA had the leader of a satanic cult called the temple of set lead them . Michael Acino. That's right , someone who practices black magic and worships the devil was head of an agency that spies on everyone. Think about that for a second .

    You might also want to look up uncle SAMael and baphomet . Samael is the name of Satan in the garden of Eden in Hebrew folk law .

    When you understand these basics many other anomalies start to make sense .

  8. "The press" didnt " publish or investigate "my" reveals "now" did "they", nor did " they "publicly" acknowledge "my" epic "comment campaign" or "help" as "a faculty". . ." heavily ind3bted, (corrupt/bought/censored) "free press" is almost "non existent". . ." all from regular day occurances, structural in-efficiency, possible mass murder ongoing population controll to lets say the documented comment about border scanning, food controlls, animal testing, etc. . . A very long list and it isnt totally complete, in-depth. They ("the goverment channel") did however "buy rights for/release/show/broadcast" a documentary later displaying that "maersk" only x-rays a small procentage of all containers being shipped". . ."worldwide". . ."

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