11 Celebrity Death Conspiracies

11 most famous mystery deaths in the media. Conspiracy theory buffs wonder were they accidents, suicides, overdoses, insurance scams, or even murders?




  1. I've been to the JFK museum in Dallas so many times and I always get a creepy chilly feeling when I'm there since it's the building that Oswald shot him from. I actually got to stand in the same place and look outside the window that the shots were fired from. not to mention the white Xs on the road. 😬

  2. Osama Bin Laden was an actor, ever seen Iron Man 3? It's the same type of thing, terrorist organisations would never have their main perp in front of cameras. There was someone else working behind the scenes while Bin Laden took care of the media, giving evil a face.

  3. allthough i kind of believe the Kurt Cobain one, his suicide not couldn't have been to his fans because in the letter he said goodbye to his daughter etc…

  4. I have a huge crush on John F. Kennedy, so the clip of him getting shot broke my heart! I started crying, until I had nothing left in my eyes… I hope none of you watch until the end.. if you have its too late! Bye now, for have JFK ALWAYS Be in our hearts…. :'( all comments of this comment include sorry statements no hate… bye! 🙁

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