10 Wrestling Conspiracy Theories Fans Still Believe

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  1. Yes you missed a very big conspiracy. The cream team, look that up. It was a group of pedophiles in the WWF/WWE headed by Pat Paterson. They were fucking underage boys and girls who helped set up the ring, Rowdy Roddy Piper was buggered by Pat when he was 17. There are interviews with lots of WWE employees who say they were molested & propositioned. Its all on youtube. type in WWE cream team.

  2. the one I believe is the one that vince russo was paid by vince McMahon to purposely ruin wcw and take out the competition.

  3. Love the Russo Sabotage rumor.. Russo is just a hack who without vince to say no can't write shit. Sullivan was at his former home outside of Anacortes, WA and was seen by employees at Walmart in Oak Harbor the day of the murders.

  4. jimmy snuka did kill his girlfriend and Vince covered it up that one is not a conspiracy and the one about kamala is true but the benoit killing is false Kevin Sullivan didn't have anything to do with Benoit death Benoit killed his self and his son and wife quit trying to make Benoit out to be innocent he was a coward he couldn't except responsibility for his actions

  5. If you wanted to be a champion you would have to do sexual favors Tommy Rich said in the 80s he was told if he wouldn't do a sexual favor for his male boss he wouldn't be NWA champion and he said fuck that shot I ain't doing it that's why he didn't have it long lol

  6. lmfao Mr McMahon wasn't mad macho screwed his daughter, mad he didn't get his cut of the slim Jim money! goes to show what he sees more important!

  7. They really should reopen the benoit case as there is evidence that proves he didn't do it, and the evidence they used against him is inconclusive.

  8. The rumour about Macho Man and Steph having sex, a lot of WWE fans believe it. I for one don't, and often get made fun of and hated for saying that.

  9. I had the biggest crush on Stephanie Mac growing up. Everyone always acted like ewww she's not hot. I don't care i think 2000s Steph was so hot. And shit hot enough for HHH.

  10. The Montreal Screwjob was a work. It was a clear win-win for everyone involved. Bret saved face by not losing the title clean & got portrayed as a victim rather than a sellout for taking a bigger payday in WCW, Shawn got serious heel heat leading into championship match at WM14, & most importantly, Vince morphed into the evil Mr. McMahon character that would feud with Austin for much of '98 & '99.

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