10 Urban Legends That Turned Out To Be True

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  2. Ok,I'm to scared to watch this. I'm leaving,Bye!
    I have my reasons tho!!
    1. I'm in a dark room
    2. I'm by myself
    I'll watch this with the light turned on and with a friend!

  3. This video fucked my night up completely because it made me remember some things that occured back at our old place like half a year ago. Was a nice small house in the suburban. I was ill in the summer caught a cold and felt really sick and stayed home alone. So I was laying on the sofa downstairs in the living room during the day. Was a real nice sunny day but because I felt really ill I stayed inside and watched TV all day with blankets covering me. Our Cat was laying beside me on his favorite chair, watching the TV as well. Suddenly I heard steps on our stairs that were pretty old and made from wood and it had a very distinctive sound when someone was treading on them. I also always knew who the steps belonged to because you just get used to the sound. But the sound started on the first stair downstairs then they stopped after 5 steps. They sounded strange like someone was waliing really slowly but still knew exactly where he wanted to go. I was so relaxed before but when I heard those steps on the stairs a chill went down my spine and I suddendly felt unsafe and like there was somebody else in the house. The stairs are right across from the living room but the doors was alomst closed so Icouldn´t see what was goinbg on in the hallway. I looked at my cat he was sitting in the chair, eyes wide open ears like spikes and watching the door. He didn´t move nor did he do anything he just kept starin gat the ddo even when I patted his head, also to calm my own nervs. I called his name and snapped my fingers, he didn´t move at all. He moved from the chait and went to our backdoor which is in the living room. and he started scratching the door. i swear I fucking lost it in that moment because he never did something like that ever only when he wanted to wake me and my door was closed, to get my attention. But he kept scratching the fucking door like he wanted it to open and didnß´t even meow at me to tell me to open it, what he usually did. He seemed like he was fucking panicking and I started to because I heard steps again moving down the stairs this time, 4 steps this time then it stopped. I let my cat out because I was now convinced there was a burglar in the house, at least in that moment I really hoped it was a fuckin burglar because I was scared shitless and normally I don´t scare easyly. So I let my cat out and he runs like he was just bit by a spider and leaves our backyard and runs off somehwre. I let him out cause him scratching the door made me freak out even more and I felt sorry for him being so scared. i took what was left of my courage in that moment and just went outside the living room, holding a heavy glass bottle to defend myself if need be. There was nobody in the house, nobody was standing on the stairs like he was supposed to judging from the sound before. The door to our house wasn´t open either and I checked the whole house basement included even though I was still scared shitless and chills ran down my spine every other second. I didn´t find anybody, nor did I hear the stairs again. I told my family what happened when they got back and of course they said it was because the stairs are made from wood and it was hot they just randomly cracked. But they normally don´t because its really cool downstairs and I closed all windows because it was damn hot that day. I never heard that sound again and never did before and I just know our stairs and how they sound when someone walks on them, I just do and there was no doubt in my mind that I heard what I thought I heard. Our cat came back in the evening and was acting completely normal again, as if he knew that there had been a threat but now it was gone for good. However the same thing happened to my sister two weeks later when she was alone watching TV around the same time of day it happened last time. She told me it were 6 steps up and 6 down again this time and that it sounded agressive not calm like when I heard it. When she told me I was pissed because I luckily had forgotten about what had happened already or at least hadn´t thought about it again. Our cat dissapeared from our house 1 week after that. he was home alone and no door or window was open, nobody there to let him outside neither. We where at a lake to enjoy the warm weather and when we came back there was no sign of him. We searched the whole neighbourhood all garages all cellars of neighbours and did a lot more to find him. But we never did and I miss him. But what we just didn´t understand is how he dissappeared because there really was no way he coiuld have left the house without any help. I am still thinking about this very often but not at night because it gives me chills every time. we didn´t relocate because this happened or anxything but I am glad we did. i haven´t slept well there after all this happened, if I slept at all. I had nightmares every night for 1 month aftrer tmy cat dissappeared and I am glad I don´t remember them. I now wrote so much , and it´s all I can say regarding this, still very sad our cat isn´t with us anymore. I still am looking for explanations but can´t find them..

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