10 Unsolved Alien Conspiracies

A very special thank you to LAIVE who have provided Korean subtitles for this video: www.laive.net In this top 10 list, we run down the most compelling …




  1. Since when is a man just barely over 6 foot tall that smiles at folks an alien? Shit, I'm 6'2" and I smile at people. I also have small eyes far apart.

  2. I just realized that in the movie/book "The Mothman Prophecies" (supposedly based on real life events), the mothman calls John Keen (played by Richard Gere) and says his name is Indrid Cold. This story apparently occurred in 1966. In this video by Alltime Conspiracies, they mention that the sightings were also seen in 1966. Both sightings were in West Virginia. I have also found footage of an interview with Woodrow. In it he talks about meeting some guy named Cold. I wonder if this is all related and part of a conspiracy or it actually happened and this same Ingrid Cold individual was going around doing all these things.

  3. The keksburge incident was Germany's glocke or bell project that was moved to the US with the Nazis after WW2 during operation paper clip. Isn't this common knowledge? I thought everyone knew that. My grandpa that fought in ww2 told me that like 20 years ago

  4. EZ, alot if the stuff we find underground that are 10k+ years old is really us. We were much more advanced than we suggest back then. We clearly got whipped out and rebuilt civilization, its the only way we can explain alot of those ancient artifacts and pyramids.

  5. The void master universal council owns the human race because they are
    the ones that created us with gene engineering you need to understand
    that this is nothing new both India and the Egyptians had puppet leaders
    put in place to control their slaves.

    The human race has been used to mine the earth to supply them

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