10 Shocking Disney Theories That Actually Make Sense

Cars 3 – Official US Trailer just released and we will look at 10 Shocking Disney Theories That Actually Make Sense that includes an amazing theory about Cars!




  1. The last one isn't true, the pictures in the back ground on the stairs where Andy was playing are pictures of his dad when he was a kid. Andy doesn't wear glasses

  2. My personal theory is Tarzan or Elsa and Anna's parents weren't killed by sabor the leopard, there parents were killed by Scar, the lion from the lion king

  3. Aladin's Peddler is actually Genie. He is voice by Robin Williams and also has four fingers, like Genie. There was a scene where it's revealed who he really is, but it ended up on the editing room floor.

  4. Your Aladdin theory is kinda iffy. Robin Williams plays both the sales -man and the Genie in the film, the sales man tilts over the lamp and something 'magical ' comes out of it. The sales-man is the Genie trying to sell his former prison, presumably with some other genie inside it

  5. The word conspiracy theorist is used to Discredit critical minds check out illuminatisos video illuminati leaders and the badylon ritual to find out ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  6. I think Andy's dad had polio as in the other movies he where's glasses saw it on another video not entirely sure about the whole story though

  7. The Nemo theory doesnโ€™t hold up because the fish in the tank at the dentist office need him to escape, plus he enrolls Nemo in school.

    Albeit I believe he is still going depression considering he did lose his wife and most of his family. Also there are way the girl in the dentist office clearly sees Nemo.

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