10 Shocking Conspiracy Theories that Came True

Thousands of conspiracy theories exist, many of which have no factual evidence to support them. Over the years however, some of these theories have been backed up by solid evidence. From a…




  1. Fuck the CIA, the US is one of the most corrupt countries in the world yet Americans are blind to it because of blind patriotism & a false sense of pride.

  2. No never has any church of sientology senior gone to jail stolen or mistreated any fib files.
    The only thing sientology tries to achieve is a higher way of living.

  3. Among many other q i do wana know apart from shining light on truth how many names was given out with regard to crime and were they punished and what step does the government took to avoid such in future. Oh fck why even have a independent/dependent organization like CIA and other which are invisible to law

  4. This one is for those who deny the possibility of so-called "conspiracy theories" being true for the sake of denying them, pointing their fingers at so-called "conspiracy theorists", as they have been named to make them more vulnerable to being ridiculed, and appointing them a tinfoil hat. Skepticism certainly is acceptable, but some people can only think in black and white and toss the idea of conspiracy theories out of the window at the mere mention of one without evaluating the possibilities of them being true. Sure, the same could be said about some theories that are presented without any factual basis, but black-and-white thinking should be avoided in nearly any case.

  5. It's weird on how people will defend lies and call it a Conspiracy Theory if the Govt doesn't admit it or plays like it didn't do it..but when the GOVT admits it or can no longer conceal the lies…those who pointed the finger and said "Conspiracy Theorist" vanish into thin air….I wonder why that is?

  6. brietbart said that he was going to " Vet Obama " then shortly thereafter a " Healthy 43 yr. old (with no history of heart problems) "has a massive heart attack" while walking his dog. Hmm.      Joan Rivers exposes Michele Obama as a " Transvestite " then dies  weeks later during a simple " same day throat procedure ". Hmmm. just sayin…

  7. So… they didn't "come" true. They "were" true. 

    Sigh We were definitely the villains in the Vietnam War. Well, the leaders at the time, anyway.

  8. Why the fuck is every other channel a fucking annoying ass english person?Every historical movie no matter the nationality or ethnicity of the characters, speak with an annoying English accent? Any mythical movie, every other character fucking english?!!!! The real conspiracy.england floods the news ,documentaries,tv,public broadcasting-all centered around the white narrative of civilizing the rest of the world.Modern,advanced,civilized is what theyvthinkbof their ways of exploiting resources ,people, and pillage and plunder everything.Through murder deception and manipulation. Advances are taughted as reasoning, and knowledge civilized society

  9. The same ole recycled conspiracies practically everyone knows about.Deflection tactics keep your fucking nose out of American business.

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