10 Shocking Conspiracies About 9/11

More than a decade after the terrorist attacks that shook the nation, questions still surround what happened during 9/11. From the collapse of the twin towers, …





  2. we talked about this in school and we started to think how did the whole building collapsed since the hit was in the top. So there is maybe explosions under the building so there may have been americans with this.. and the towers were destroited on purpose by the americans (sry bad english) but this is NOT a fact

  3. Not a good list of conspiracy theories. What about Susan Lindauer saying that a month before 9 11 a weird truck arrived at about 3 am and she believes that was when thermite or something similar was charged to go at WTC?

    I also wish that you wouldn't in this video and others ask and answer your own questions. That is very patronising and smacks more of a politician rather than a discussion channel.

  4. #9 LMFAO

    The wings fell of before impact but somehow miraculously flew 3 inches above the ground without making any sorts of marks in the grass. That's a good one. Don't piss on me and tell me it's raining ?

  5. look 9/11 was an inside job while maybe the planes did happen but if it it did Bush knew about it and. uses it as an excuse to start a war in Afghanistan what's more likely is Bush needed an excuse to start a war in Afghanistan to boost his ratings and get himself elected so he arranged a controlled explosion for the World Trade Centre but before that he tired to blow it up with car bomb but that didn't work look the simple fact people should be aware of the Twin Towers they were Plane Proof I know it's a stretch but yes the towers couldn't have been taken down by a plane and yes it was a controlled explosion

  6. The facts need to be rechecked, I have researched alot of this and they are completly wrong when they say the air force was not aware of the 3rd and 4th plane. I you are luckly enough to hear the fright recorders from the jets from otis, the 2 jets were going to intercept the 4th plane but norrad already had 2 jets from lockland on them with issues to shoot it down and the lockland jets shot it down. i you are ever able to hear the fligh recorder (not sure if still out there) they are very informitive and answer alot of questions

  7. so much public nonsense and lies . Ridiculous frantic attempt to refute the obvious false flag attack. The destruction of evodence is equal to a coverup which is the same as backing the terrorists with the explosives found in the ruins

  8. …"forensic evidence shows that the plane lost its wings before impact (at the Pentagon)"…

    Are there people who believe this kind of stupidity?? And where are the wings?? Did Santa Claus took them away to the North Pole or something like that?

  9. It's just so crazy how people trust Main Street media. There is an agenda and it's unfolding. Please people please wake up and let's all figure out what is going on and why we are all being lied to

  10. Wow, you people that use the same stock footage for all your videos and that have no command of the English language seriously need to do some research. Wings falling off. Good god.

  11. I've watched several videos and until they have better video to prove 9/11 was not an inside job I'm inclined to believe the conspiracy theories. Or should I say real evidence or lack thereof!!

  12. Wrong. Check with the 911 commission members. In their final briefing, they stated, we are closing this investigation still not knowing why NORAD lied to us on three separate occasions. When three thousand people are murdered and NORAD Lies? NIRAD Goes to prison. You don't fuck around like this. WE STILL DONT KNOW WHY THEY DIDNT RESPOND, AND THEY KNEW. GODDAMIT, THEY KNEW. THEY COUKD HAVE STOPPED THE NEXT THREE PLANES. EASILY. VERY EASILY. WHEN SOMETHING IS AS SHROUDED IN UNANSWERED QUESTIONS AND EVIDENCE OF EXPLOSIVES IS EVERYWHERE, AND COMMON HIGH SCHOOL PHYSICS DISPUTES BUILDING SEVEN, SOMETHING IS DESPERATELY WRONG. 19 highjacker with box cutters is the rediculous story, not the theories. This is Nazi germany type shit and all indicators point at Israel, our eternal friend/enemy. I guess they don't need spies now that they have the NSA, by god, and Michael Vhertoff (a Zionist war mongering jew) has even privatized sections of national security. We either address this or follow this shit into an abyss because there's tons of smoke here. I hate people that call those of us who know the truth "conspiracy theorist" when they don't even know about building 7. Deplorable!!!!

  13. Whoever actually believes that 2 planes can bring down 3 skyscrapers and reduce them to microscopic dust is either mentally ill or has Stockholm syndrome.

  14. How dare they atack us . And with the most deadly weapon of alltime
    Plastic spoons and plastic forks
    God how stupid is the American public

  15. "wings broke off before impact"??? and hoe the fuck did that happen?and wouldnt that mean the entact wings would be on the grass outside? UTTER BULLSHIT!!!!! come on you have to do better than that.

  16. The "eyewitnesses" have been proven wrong by physicists. The plane would have been traveling FAR too fast for anyone to even be able to distinguish the lettering on the craft, let alone the windows on the craft that some have claimed to see.
    Another physicist did extensive testing and analyzing with a detective and found that the hole in the pentagon in no way could have physically been created by a commercial airliner. Likely, according to their findings, even a personal aircraft probably couldn't make a hole of this size. Even if the airliner lost its wings before impact.
    The scientific conclusion is that it was a missile fired from a military plane, since military aircraft were the ONLY authorized organization who's aircrafts were NOT grounded at the time the pentagon was hit.
    Plus, where is the luggage? Where is the security footage? Why are we not being told the full story almost 20 years later?

    I'm not a physicist by any means, nor am I a detective. But I do remember watching all of this happen on live television, and even at 10 years old, something seemed odd to me.

    And before I get "but you look like you're 14 in your photo so how do you even remember it" comments, my profile photo is extremely outdated

  17. Only fucking idiots still believe that 9/11 world trade towers attacks were carried out by terrorists. Anybody with a brain knows it was an inside job by the government in order to get the American public support to invade Iraq to control the oil supply to keep America going.

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