10 Real Conspiracies From History

The word conspiracy is associated with insanity and paranoia. But the actual definition of the word isn’t too shocking: A secret plan by a group of people plotting …




  1. The Indian mystic Osho had nothing to do with his followers' conspiracy. It was done without his knowledge or consent. The case is very well documented

  2. #1 is false. Hitler invaded Poland to liberate the Germans in German territory that was annexed to Poland after World War I (The Treaty of Versailles). "Lebensraum" merely meant to take back the territory that was previously Germany's and had a German population that was oppressed by the Polish government.

  3. We all know what conspiracy means, it's right there in the dictionary. Conspiracy Theories, that's the buzz word group that not enough people are aware of. When enough people begin to understand the inherent propaganda behind these words, then something will happen, until then, people will remain in the state of "merely entertain me" and other false beliefs, like for instance: if we just ignore it it'll go away or fix itself; or if we all think positive thoughts we might just turn it around. All the people who know but are just not saying anything need to get moving or we're all fucked! In other words, we need to tip the scales, (for want of a better analogy).

  4. Elizabeth would have been nothing if not for Walsingham. That guy saved her ass countless times. He also created a culture of fear and underground Catholicism but always managed to protect her from them and the papal bull that authorized her murder and excommunication. Walsingham was a fucking PIMP

  5. I like your video's but the last conspiracy is completely fake!

    The only evidence for it is a single confession made by Alfred Naujocks under torture during the Nuremberg Trials. It was about a single incident called the Gleiwitz incident. Other attacks happened but there is not a single indication that the Germans were behind it. Also, Germany was not known to use 9-11 like tactics. Look at the Hindenburg for example. They could have perfectly used it as propaganda but they never did.
    Most of these border incidents did not even make headline news and Germany had way bigger reasons to intervene in Poland.

    A big part of Poland consisted of territory given to them after WW1 and the ethnic Germans that were living there did not get equal treatment and  were chased away. Unbearable amounts of refugees ended up on the border of Germany. Poland also tried to claim authority over towns that were never even given to them.

    Look at Treuburg for example. The city held a vote to which country they wished to belong. Almost all people voted and only 2 voters wished to belong to Poland. Currently it is called Olecko and its original inhabitants are nowhere to be seen.
    Poland did the same to Danzig. A city that consisted of 95% ethnic Germans. The treaty of Versailles ruled that the city was to remain out of polish control but Poland basically completely occupied it. As of today, all the street names are polish and you wouldn't even know that it used to belong to Germans if you visited the place.

    England knew very well about these events and even contributed to it. Encouraging Poland to continue with such practices. For example, Poland prevented supplies from reaching East Prussia for no apparent reason.

    Germany tried many times to negotiate with Poland and the terms they came with were very reasonable. They mainly asked for these places to be left alone and in return they would recognize Polish authority over West Prussia but the Polish government simply refused time after time.

    Ever wondered why the Soviet Union attacked Poland? Because their non-aggression pact ended..

  6. You are a liar. Why did you not mention that Russian invaded Poland with Germany. Is it OK for Russia to invade other countries? I guess so, we let them take the Crimean. We let China take Tibet. I guess the allies can do what they want.

  7. The WWII attack on Poland was based on the fact was doing 'ethnic cleansing' on the Germans living there. The Nazis weren't the only country that did genocide against perceived enemies of the state.

  8. I have actually been to French Guiana and seen the prison complex that held Captain Dreyfus. It is definitely worth the visit if anybody is visiting there

  9. More conspiracy theories have been proven true than scientific ones. Big bang is a THEORY, no one can prove it. Scientists are scholars who do a lot of math and theorize. Covert actions, on the other hand, have sufficient evidence to be empericly proven. Big Bank is truer than Big Bang!

  10. +Eskify Some great examples. Unfortunately, the situations were far more complex than you have time to tell. Especially regarding Haiti… the news company was a cover; our government has been in control of the presstitutes for so long now. That's why MSM doesn't report news, including voting results; they report what they're told to say.

  11. So I'm start calling things where allies pretend to be enemies to spark up a war, the Himmler technique.

  12. NAZIS attacked polish because the Bolshevist revolution was massacring people of German heritage in what was west Prussia now polish territory and were about to rape their way into east Prussia still a German satellite state with no access for German aid to protect it. It was the Bolsheviks that started it. that is the hard factual truth

  13. You say "a lot of former officials have come forward", but name no names. You say "there's a lot of evidence", but present no evidence. That's not how this works.


  15. You little limey slug: the cia is NOT selling drugs to the "black com-u-ni-tayy." The black com-uni-tay is selling the fricking drugs. You should worry more about your failed England and its takeover by the muzlems.

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