10 Movie Theories That Completely Change Disney Films

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  1. Actually, yes. You missed a big one. The story behind, Ariel the little mermaid, Frozen and Tangled is one. Behind this, as you know, in frozen, there parents went of a ship to a wedding. But there ship sunk due to a storm. This leads to the states of Europe. In the beginning of Ariel the little mermaid, she is looking for thinks for keep sakes in a sunken ship. Frozen was taken place in Norway, Ariel was in Denmark. So this was to lead that Frozen’s parents were going to Rapunzel’s wedding! Which was in Germany. It all adds up. Frozen was in Norway, Ariel was in Denmark, Frozens parents ship sunk in the middle of the ocean going to the wedding that was in Germany! So! The ship Ariel was in at the bottom of the ocean, was supposedly Frozens sicken ship.

  2. and then a year later they say that jane and belle arent related screen rant make up ur mind urself xD like literally have these things in an newer video i know this was a year ago but they made a new video and half the things they say is the opposite like jane and belle related as well as evil queen and gothil

  3. My friend Jaylah told me the the man from up reap his daugther/Andy Mom thats the real reason why he go to jail and when his home was floating that was the adventure to Heaven

  4. Also Anna and Elsa aren’t real sister Elsa and Rapunzel are real sister When The women from Rapunzel took away Rapunzel so Rapunzel mom thought she would do the same with Elsa so she sent her to Anna Family and than Anna parents go on a ship which sank and they went to a island and has a son which make Anna and Tarzan Brothers and Rapunzel and Elsa are sisters and Elsa and Rapunzel are Tarzan and Anna Cousin Back to the Sinking ship which was found by ariel in the Little Mermaid There is more proof that Elsa and Rapunzel are sister They both have Healing powers they are the only two princess that has powers The women who took Rapunzel away from her parents was the Women in Snow white who fall off the cliff she lived and probably saw the magical flower to make her younger than she found the same flower Rapunzel Mom used to make her fell better from sickness

  5. I have a theory y'all should look at. what about chip from beauty and the beast, the spell on the beast was put there when the prince was 10 yes but what about chip,,,,,,in the movie chip seems younger then ten about nine so how was chip born,,,,,,, was he born a tea cup!!!!

  6. What happens to the candle and other servants in beauty in the beast that are transformed when they become home.can you solve it screen rant

  7. THIS IS NOT A MOVIR BUT…..fire man Sam

    SO NORMAN PRICE IS SAMS SON!!! Dun dun duuuuunn
    They are the only people with ginger hair and his dad never wanted anything to do with him so that's why he is always naughty, to get Attention from him dad 😮

  8. Just saying, about the Tarzan/Beauty and the Beast one, Disney always throws in things from different movies, not to shut it down, just wanted to make the point.

  9. Do you guys remember George from aristocats? That elderly man that came to their house? Well I compared George to that one elderly man, Geri, from the Pixar short film, “geri’s game”. Just look both of them up, go to images, and compare them side by side.

  10. So Ariel and Hercules are actually related. First, Hercules is the son of Zeus. Which Poseidon ( god of the sea) is Zeus' brother. Second we all know Ariel's father is Poseidon thus making Hercules and Ariel cousins.

  11. If Emily gave Jessie away, and Emily is Andy’s mum? how did Andy get it? Andy wasn’t alive when Emily was a child, and if Emily was the mum, she wouldn’t have been able to pass it down

  12. First off, the Belle and Jane one doesn't make sense just because at the end of beauty and the beast, Mrs. Potts and Chip go back to a human again. Also the Boo is the Witch doesn't hold up because Mike fixed up the door at the end of the movie so it can't be true.

  13. Someone else might have come up with this, but I have a theory that the reason Dumbo is able to fly is that he and Timothy Mouse are somehow still drunk and the rest of the movie after that is all part of their imaginations.

  14. BTW the frozen theory is that Anna and Elsa arent sisters and The girl in Tangled (i forget her name.) Are twins.

    1: Andy’s moms name in Jennifer not Emily
    2: Snow White took place in the late 1500s tangled took place in the 1800s
    3: Jane and belle are not the related it’s like “ oh in that one scene in up Ellie is wearing yellow she’s related to belle”
    4: Toy story is a PIXAR MOVIE FOR KIDS it’s not based on how nazis treated jews also they’re kids they’re gonna be rough with toys
    5: The lion king is not based off of hamlet it’s a kids movie. Literally watch like 2 minutes and you’ll see that
    6:If Carl “died and went on a journey to the afterlife” how did he leave paradise falls and come back with Russel at the end also he didn’t “leave to explore the world” he was going to paradise falls which is what him and Ellie always wanted. Watch the first 5 minutes and you would know.

  16. impossible jane can not be the grandma of belle cuz they are from the same centry belle is frome th 19th centry so i jane

  17. The belle and jane theory doesn't make sense

    First: beauty and the beast takes pla ce in the middle ages france not victorian england

    Second: bell is french jane is english

  18. The Aladdin theory makes sense when you consider that if it took place at the time it had appeared to take place in the movie, the Genie was doing impressions of people that didn't even exist yet.

  19. Nobody can match my multiverse theory. Pay attention…
    -The kingdom of Corona is founded when Philip and Aurora get married and the two kingdoms unite. Maleficent's tower will stay abandoned for a while.
    -Philip and Aurora give birth to Snow White's mother.
    -Snow White marries a prince from Aredelle, which is how the royal families from the two kingdoms connect.
    -After her schemes are exposed, Snow White's stepmother (Gothel) is dethroned, imprisoned and released when she's old.
    -Gothel discovers the magic flower and inhabits Maleficent's tower.
    -Queen Arianna gives birth to twins: Elsa and Alice. Alice is kidnapped for her magic hair and Elsa is taken to the kingdom of Aredelle for safety. She grows up with her cousin, Anna, whom she believes to be her sister. Meanwhile, Alice grows up with Gothel.
    -One time, after reading a book, Alice falls asleep and dreams about the events of 'Alice in Wonderland' movie.
    -At some point, Gothel gives Alice the nickname Rapunzel, which means lettuce. Alice likes it so much that she starts using it as her real name.
    -Anna's parents travel to Rapunzel's wedding, but the ship has to pass through Bermuda Triangle and gets sucked into a timespace vortex that transports them to the future. They give birth to Tarzan.
    -Tarzan meets Jane, who is a descendant of Belle; Belle's family lost their nobility status after French Revolution and escaped to England.

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