10 Internet Conspiracy Theories That Proved To Be True

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  1. this world is getting worse. Next they will be implanting computer chips into babies when they are born GRRRR. People are entitled too thier privacy and this is the Governments way of social control.

  2. Quick thing you said two different unrelated things. Invasion of privacy and the Internet. The internet is a public space like a coffee shop or a grocery store where you are anonymous but not private.

    Also most of the surveillance and recording is our doing. Sure if I found out they had cameras and microphones in my house I would be pissed. Finding out they are listening to the shit I yell out in public meh if I cared about not being heard by them I sure as shit wouldn't be saying it in such a public space as the internet.

  3. If you really really want to ensure your privacy….stay in a private space.

    If you really really want to ensure your ANONYMITY…leave the smart phone behind.

  4. I turned off most of these things on my phone and my phone was soooo slow. I turned them on and it went back to normal. It's seems like it's done on purpose.

  5. The internet is rubbish, i'm never given the adverts i'm interested in…. and the YouTube recommendations i get are all wrong… It's like the spys have got their wires crossed and I'm getting someone else's stuff… when i look up my IP…. i'm 750 miles away from where i actually am. Pants! Try running a Full Node when your address is as dynamic as mine.

  6. I really don't care. I'm not a criminal, I would like privacy but if the government and criminals wanna know that I, a really insignificant nobody citizen, am gonna hang out with a friend Friday, then I'm not too mad.

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