10 INSANE Wrestling Conspiracy Theories That Could Be TRUE

WWE Top 10 Wrestling Conspiracy Theories I love conspiracy theories, just cause I find them interesting to read. Hopefully you guys enjoy because it did take a …




  1. You got the wrong Illuminati symbol at the end. That hand sign isn't the Eye of Providence. It is the horns of Moloch. The Golden Bull that the people worshipped that so offended God. One that demands murder sacrifices of children. If you notice a lot of wrestlers have bulls tattooed on their arms, like The Rock or Kevin Owens. This is probably tribute to Moloch. Also, was that an eye of Providence tattoo on Shawn Michael's shoulder, along with a crescent moon of the Goddess Diana? Both extremely powerful Illuminati symbols. I can only imagine that Shawn Michaels had to be Vince's gay sex slave to get everything he got, and most likely from a very young age.
    Now John Cena is their brainwashed puppet.

  2. TBH if the illuminati is real I don't really care. People who are going to tell me I'm a blind sheep or something just don't, I'm simply stating an opinion. I doubt that it's real and if it is and they take over the world then too bad I guess

  3. This is the stupidest shit I've heard. Someone should explain the difference between speaking freely and libel to this guy because I think he crosses the line a couple times here

  4. number 10 dosnt make sense why would they punish wcw guys when they bought out wcw if it was like a nxt then they should have all had futures

  5. Hogan was the one who brought Warrior to WCW so he knew he wasn't dead he just wanted to get his win over the Warrior the whole reason he was signed and barely used

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