1. I thought Childs was a thing simply because of how Mac's exhale was thick like fog where childs didnt exactly have a that same sort of exhale meaning he wasn't the same as Mac ie. A thing

  2. READ THE THING COMIC BOOKS PEOPLE! For god sakes it explains the whole who was the Thing and who wasn't. Not gonna spoil it here, just go read it.

  3. if i follow the same logic you applied to the joker i should be a highly skilled football player because i know the rules, the positions and i have scored A goal in my life when i was a kid.
    yet here i am living in a dorm doing college. so the first point is absolute BS and it gives me the feeling i don't need to see the rest of the video

  4. The theory about 'The Thing' doesn't add up. The Thing gains all a person's knowledge when it absorbs them. Therefore it would know what scotch tastes like and it would know a human would find petrol gross. Even assuming the Thing can drink petrol happily it would still pretend not to like it.

  5. Now with Endgame it REALLY makes sense that he wanted to get caught. Like he knew they were going to time travel and he'd be able to get the teseract back while everyone was distracted… Which is exactly what happened.

  6. 2:18 ohhhhhhh COME OFF IT, MATE! you havin' a laugh with this one, ain't ya? >:-(
    oh, you got to be takin' a piss! you expect to us to believe that thr butler was more a father than Bruce's own one was? what's that you smokin' and can i have some? lmao

  7. Its funny I actually had a different theory for the Rock, that's much more simple…..Sean Connery is playing the same character Clint Eastwood played in Escape from Alcatraz, the characters obviously both pulled of the same escape but watch both films back to back the characters are almost identical next to of coarse the actors playing them and maybe they didn't want cast Eastwood instead they casted another actor on his level to see if you culd figure it out and guess what??? Im the only dumbass who did it….HAHAHAAH

    I need therapy

  8. Why does Alfred have to be his biological father to be loyal and stuff? He was the families butler since before Bruce was born. Chances are Bruce spent most of his early years being taken care of by Alfred. He is like a son to Alfred, why would Alfred randomly abandon him after his parents die?

  9. My theory, the matrix wasn't a prison, it was an Ark. In their zeal to stop the machines, humanity rendered the earth uninhabitable because they burned the sky. The machines establish the matrix as a utopia for humanity only to find out that humanity can't stand a reality without conflict. They create the reality humanity can accept including a mechanism by which those who would still reject it can be addressed. This Also includes zion, a human population outside the matrix that serves as a test bed for the earths recovery to a habitable state.

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