10 INSANE Marvel & DC Conspiracy Theories That Could Be TRUE!

Top 10 INSANE Marvel & DC Conspiracy Theories That Could Be TRUE! Welcome back to the channel everybody! In today’s video, we have 10 Marvel and DC …




  1. in one of the avengers animated shows red skull gets transported by the tesseract to thanos and serves thanos for a long while. during this time red skull collects the infinity stones for thanos..maybe this is why we have not seen him. he has been traveling the cosmos looking for the stones

  2. I have a theory, in the dark knight Alfred said he once knew a man who just wanted destruction and the only way they were able to get him was to burn an entire forest, what if the joker was somehow related to the guy in the forest? Or even better yet Alfred is his father!! Dun dun dunnn

  3. there is more to the first theory in the newest Spider-Man movie at the end had a kid stand up to the rhino and then Spider-Man should up and was proud of the kid that might be a connection

  4. I think the joker is a veteran who was betrayed by his government or something similar to that. For one hes skillful with weapons and knows explosives, which would mean military training and in the TDK he talked about his hatred for society and hypocrisy of society and also when batman interrogates him, he says "they need you now but when they don't, they'll cast you out." They as in he was probably referring to as the government or like some powerful politicians, and he says it like he's speaking from experience like that happened to him.

  5. it is possible that the tesseract sent redskull to the same place that loki came fromin which case marvel could use the red skull in place of mephisto as thanos's advisor since they havent shown any interest in introducing mephisto

  6. Theory of how the Marvel/DC universe works : Any human (base vessel, without powers) can acquire superpowers either by surviving a severe ordeal (such as radiation or cosmic beams), and then further acclimation to said powers (such as sun-dipping) upgrades it to an absolute condition (i.e universal+).
    Those born with powers have their lineage originated from an ordeal (though it may not be mentioned).
    So if I was an ordinary human in the Marvel/DC universe I can, for example, get powers by being struck by lightning and then flying into the sun for 5000 years to become a cosmic being capable of taking on the Living Tribunal or something.

    If you disagree with this then feel free to try and prove me wrong. The only exception I can think of is when someone who already has powers bestows them upon someone else (eg. Ghost Rider).

  7. What is the MCU in the context the video maker is using it? The Joker was at the MCU… the other super hero guys were not there??
    Jim Gordon said the joker wanted to be locked up…

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