10 INSANE Cartoon Conspiracy Theories That Could Be TRUE

Top 10 INSANE Cartoon Conspiracy Theories That Could Be TRUE Any unstable individual can come up with a creepy fan theory about your favorite childhood …




  1. The rugrats that is a true story based a real women. Look it up dill was actually real too.. the story was created by the real Susie who became fascinated with her friend and even google what Susie looks like

  2. Actually Bruce Wayne is in Arkham Asylum and each villain is a doctor or a demon. Bruce was driven insane and uses Batman to cope with his insanity in Arkham.

  3. "Number 4, The Rugrats Theroy"Me: OHMYGOSH THAT'S A VOCALOID SONG
    Starts screaming hysterically but has never listened to the song
    EDIT: maybe it's a cover but still

  4. DUDE!! The magic school bus theory made a lot of sense because, the kids might have learned so much that they knew how to save the world ?, so like u said, the guy brain washed them and then the kids defended the world. I hope u liked my comment ?

  5. I don't understand where or how the LSD comes in on the show 'Doug' lol what episode does he find LSD? what episode does he trip or do any drugs at all? I don't understand.. how does that even fit into the conspiracy theory? what relevance does that have at all? why would any kid, especially a 12 year old, drop acid as a way to cope with knowing your pedophile neighbor wants to fuck you? lol seriously, wtf..

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