10 Insane Batman CONSPIRACY THEORIES That Could Be True!

Top 10 Insane Batman Conspiracy Theories That COULD Be TRUE! Welcome back to the channel everyone! In today’s video, we will be covering 10 Insane …




  1. The dark Knight rises they did have at Batman surviving because Lucas fox was working on the bat plane autopilot was fixed 6 months before by Wayne

  2. I'm sorry but I'm pretty sure they mentioned in the end that someone (obviously Bruce) had actually fixed the autopilot for the batplane months beforehand

  3. Alot of these theories are kind of ridiculous but the Joker being Batman's brother theory takes the cake. For one, Joker and Batman reside in the same city, and Joker's always up to no good, so Batman, being the hero is, confronts him every time. Plus, Batman is the reason Joker even exists. He accidentally let that Red Hood guy fall into the chemicals resulting in the birth of the Joker

  4. Not a big fan of #7, I really like how the Joker taunts Batman and takes the choice away from him by snapping his own neck. Also, Joker snapping his own neck is badass but crazy at the same time!

  5. My favorites?
    Joker is CLOSELY related to Batman, like his father, older brother, or a version of him from an alternate Earth.
    Joker knows he's a fictional character.
    Batman is crazy, and it's all in his head!

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